Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Happy Birthday, David.

Today, I realized that I have been counting down until my birthday. It will be three weeks away this Wednesday. I will be 27. While perusing Facebook this morning, I saw a post on my Newsfeed of someone writing on David Santucci's wall. Wow, his birthday is Tuesday. This Tuesday. David was way too cool to have a countdown or anything, but he should be here to celebrate "28". In a perfect world, he would be. He wouldn't demand a party or expect people to remember, but he would always show up to yours. The picture below was taken at a surprise party for my 21st birthday.

It still seems unreal that he isn't here. I shouldn't have to write a post like this. I shouldn't always have to remind myself that manifestations of evil can lurk in every neighborhood. When I dwell on that aspect of David's passing, it is very easy to become angry. But on his birthday, I don't want to focus on that. I want to remember the wonderful man he was and continues to be as he motivates all of us to shower acts of kindness on a world that is often so undeserving of them. 

Happy Birthday, sweet friend. I miss you every bit as much today as I did the day I learned of your passing. I will continue to draw strength from your memory and find light in the darkness, just like you'd want me to do. Thank you for your friendship.

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