Monday, April 21, 2014

Battling Monday: First Edition

It's Monday. Why are Monday's so hard? Maybe it is because I spent the last two days waking up a little later and planning my days around maximum sun exposure. That being said, Mondays are inevitable. But I have just the mental toolkit to help you endure it. 

Surviving [this] Monday:

For the Sports Enthusiast:

Look forward to the NBA Playoffs, which are in full-swing. Tonight, our Memphis Grizzlies play Game 2 against Oklahoma City and seek revenge for a rather exhausting Game 1. If you're like me, that means constantly reigning in my attention to refocus on work. 

For the Fashion Junkie:

image source

Need the full week to find a way to incorporate these trends into your wardrobe?
You've bought yourself time: it's only Monday! Both high-waisted wrap skirts and tasteful cropped tops are being recruited heavily for the Spring/Summer wardrobe. They look fantastic paired together! 
Let me know if you need help finding the perfect piece! 

For the Music Maniacs:

Let's face it, half the battle of surviving the workweek is a good Pandora station. 
My personal favorites are Lumineers Radio, Mumford & Sons Radio (the two are similar), Beyonce Radio,  and Third Eye Blind Radio. 

Or...just listen to this:

For those with Home Decor on the brain:

Allow yourselves to be inspired by what you see today. If I didn't have visual inspiration, I would be lost. Oh wait, my house still isn't decorated...but I can show you what sorts of images inspire me!

image source

Don't you love the clean look of neutrals? I sure do, but that's probably because I still live in fear of color incorporation. That being said, I am attracted this color scheme:

image source

For those focused on the weekend:

On the agenda this weekend...Grizz Playoffs.  Hot Wing Festival.   Brew Fest.   
What more do you need?

For those who need a little motivation:

image source

or listen to this Ted Talk...

In any case, it's Monday...let's see if we can make the most of it! 


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