Sunday, April 27, 2014

Battling Monday Vol. 2

We survived the weekend (though not unscathed). Those darn Grizzlies went into the third overtime of the series and lost on Saturday night. I have been battling that emotional hangover since it happened. Tuesday is going to be crazy! That's one thing that will help you survive Monday...the anticipation of Tuesday :) But I have a few other weapons for you as well...

For the Music Lover:

Play the Michael Buble Radio Station
Play the Midnight in Paris Radio Station

Or listen to this: 

For the Weekend Anticipator: 

Beale Street Music Festival...duh! 
Who are you excited to see? 
I want to see Third Eye Blind, 311, Bone Thugs, and the Alabama Shakes...
Pray for good weather...

For the Motivation Seekers:

For the Home Decor Junkie:

image source

For the Fashion Focused:

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