Sunday, April 6, 2014

hello april

april is officially underway, 
and it has already been a whole lot of fun!

i missed our grizzlies home game on friday
[we won!!]
instead, i went to green cork for happy hour with my coworkers!
that place is so much fun.
you have to check it out.
thanks to my boss, hannah, for introducing me to it! 

saturday was a long day.
i went to the farmer's market,
and i could not be happier that it is that time of year again! 
i grabbed my farm-fresh eggs and went on my way.

to where you ask?
to scoop up chick-fil-a breakfast for the guys
and head over to the adoptathon event that the humane society was hosting.
i wanted a pomeranian,
but there were none to be found.
however, spotted across the field was something similar -
a long-haired chihuahua. 
he is now my long-haired chihuahua named beckham halston russell.
yes, beckham like david. yes, halston like the designer. 
so far, i just call him "becks"

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