Thursday, April 17, 2014

Memphis Grizzlies to the Playoffs!

Maybe the last time you learned about the concept of "adaptation" was during 5th grade science class. We learned that organisms can undergo physiological and behavioral changes in order to  enhance survivability in their environment. It's Darwinian, really. It is a word I haven't been able to shake from my mind lately. Life throws things at you, no doubt. Some things you can control, and some things you can manage. Then, there are forces that occur to which you can just adapt. Part of human adaptation may take conscious effort, but I think another part happens as the natural response to external stimuli. Adaptation is a concept I can relate to in various plots and subplots in my life, but I venture to say that applies best to our own Memphis Grizzlies who overcame injuries, losses, and mental funks to achieve a 50-win record and 7-seed placement in the playoffs.

You can control what plays you call. You can control your attitude. You cannot control injuries. You cannot control poor refereeing. This is the first season I have had season tickets, and it has been such an exciting journey. I had a number of friends who also have tickets, and it was awesome to attend these games together. I also love the Twitter world of fans and media that convene on a social network and share in collective cheers, sighs, complaints, and jokes. I learned that I am a big fan of paperless tickets, mini-YOLO stands, and the wonderful staff at Opus up on the club level. Also, what the heck was the arctic tundra tunnel on the plaza level that stayed at -50 degrees? As is typical for me, my mood ebbs and flows with the performance of the team. These last few games have been both a source of intense anxiety and great joy.

I stand ready for playoffs. It's time to ramp up the enthusiasm. Though it isn't news, I am proud of Memphis...Greater Memphis.

Reflect on the season's beginning or last year's Grizzlies posts, including playoffs.

Also, relive last night's win below. I gambled a little because the play could have gone the other way, but I am glad the ball fell the way it did.

Who's ready?!

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