Monday, May 26, 2014

a love affair with blogging

i had a scare yesterday.
i went to write a blog, and the blog was gone
every link was a dead-end.
i kept thinking every post over three years is gone.
with a little patience, help from friends, and trusting technology tutorials, 
i was able to get her published again.

it's true what they say -
sometimes you don't know what you have until you lose it. 
maybe that was just the kick i needed to rekindle my love affair with blogging.
join me? 

i fell in love with these valentino sandals when i first saw them.
it is the perfect blend of casual and edgy.
shop here.

let's face it, one's desk is her home away from home.
why not spruce it up a bit?
for similar acrylic desk organizers, shop here

i felt very fortunate to be walking to bbq fest after an impromptu rainstorm
and spot this little guy watching over the city...
fendi and i started watching a new show (new for us) - revenge
the fashion alone is entrancing. 
these were a fun addition to my festival wardrobe.
leopard is akin to a neutral, so they are a year-round must.
shop here. 

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