Tuesday, June 3, 2014

fall 2014: prematurely peaking...

i know what you're thinking -
but jordan, it is just now getting into the warm summer months
so why oh why do i need to be thinking about fall and layering.
i'm sure you know by now that the fashion world never sleeps and is often seasons ahead.
there is nothing wrong with showing what the experts are forecasting and the designers are making
so that you can plan in advance for the chicest fall yet.

my favorite w/ j.crew
image source

navy and green are my go-to colors for my house,
so it makes me very happy to see them on the runway.
not to mention, i love the cut and proportion of the cropped pants with the jacket.
where do i buy?

image source

the beautiful thing about madewell 
is that the chic is in the simplicity.
the jeans are very comfortable and more affordable than designer jeans.
this is a look that you can wear on any crisp fall day and upstage most.
images source

this madewell ensemble takes on a much more casual tenor. 
think - airport. shopping in the city. 
the comfortable trouser with the chic (yet comfortable) d'orsay flat
makes this outfit very travel friendly.

dolce  & gabbana
image source

a girl can dream, right?
my inner bohemian is excited by the flowy floral dress 
with a flattering empire waist. 
it's ethereal. it's feminine. it's nearly perfect.

image source
can we talk about the awesome color combination of gray and orange?
how about the contrast of fabric and use of texture?

 are you getting excited yet?

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