Sunday, June 15, 2014

rekindling the romance: health & fitness

do you ever think to yourself:
man, i really used to be into____?
well, i used to be into health & fitness.
in part, i been an active person for years;
however, i was forced into next-level health consciousness by my diabetes diagnosis.

and i did well for a while...

don't get me wrong. 
i still work out a few times a week,
but my dedication to healthy eating has taken a hit.

i use the same excuses most people use:
i'm tired when i get off work.
these days i need convenience.
i'll start to eat better tomorrow.
that's not going to cut it. 

sure, i am always drawn to the benefit of looking better.
but i am also a firm believer that a balanced diet and exercise
make you a more highly functioning performer in all aspects of life.
the energy is there. the mood is there. the confidence is there.
and doctor visits are a lot less stressful. 

so how am i planning to jump back on the wagon?

i have a few motivators:

i am going to the beach for a week on june 22. 
while there, i am going to eat fresh food and hit the pavement. 

i am downloading new music for those thirty minute jogs.

i am considering another half marathon.

i am planning accountability posts once a week, so expect more in the way of meals and fitness adventures. this should be fun in the memphis heat...

some of my favorite fitness blogs + sites

how about these for motivating images?

image source

image source

is anyone in my boat? anyone?

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  1. Very true. It seems that the process of fitness is successful when it is purposeful. When focused on a goal, the efforts make sense. Yet as goals change over time, that doesn't diminish the importance of the process.
    I just found the blog on Google+. Thanks for sharing!


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