Monday, August 11, 2014

A Year Without

Someone sometime in history decided there was some significance to 365 days. In English, we call it a "year" and it is an extremely common measure of time. It determines age, marks anniversaries and measures a company's fiscal life. Today represents one year since my friend David Santucci was shot and killed. While I spent the whole year grieving with my friends, I would never attempt to capture their unique journeys. I can only do my own emotional check-in. If I am being honest, I am not sure if anything has changed emotionally. I'm not at peace with his death. I'm not any less convinced of the pure senselessness of the crime. I still miss him every day. It is still unfathomable that he's gone.

The change has come in how those ever-present emotions were channeled - to do good deeds for people when it felt like humankind was undeserving. To lift our city on our shoulders when its reputation was suffering a devastating blow. To do the opposite of what society may expect in the wake of tragedy because we all agreed it's what he would want. He's gone. His influence never left. He couldn't control his fate, but we are controlling his legacy. Operation Tucci represents so much more to me than good deeds. It signifies a stronghold among friends who found empowerment in being together. It represents the power of choosing a positive lens. It allows David to live in a way that cannot be penetrated by violence.

Wasn't it yesterday we were sitting on the couch in your Highland house discussing the mysteries of the universe? Wasn't it yesterday you convinced me I shouldn't feel guilty when friends grow apart? Take heart, sweet friend, you've drawn us together in a way I could have never imagined. As always, I am proud to have known you, and I only hope you are proud of our efforts to ensure that others remember you the way we do.

In keeping with tradition,

Be Kind.

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