Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Inspire Me: The Habit Makeover

I'm frustrated, and I will tell you why. When researching topics such as "Habits of Successful Women," I kept spotting trends that challenge my status quo. 

Example 1: Exercise before work.

Gosh dang-it. How do I negotiate my way out of this? To be honest, the idea appeals to me. First, you get the daily workout out of the way so it doesn't loom large in the backdrop of your busy workday. Second, it likely serves as a way to relieve stress. Third, how about recognizing and appreciating one aspect of your life you can control? I don't know how many emails might be in my inbox when I arrive at work, or how many will ultimately get answered...BUT, I do know I can set out for a 3-miler and accomplish it. There's empowerment in that.

Options: Morning Pure Barre @ 6:00AM; Morning run @ 6:00AM
Yeah, I haven't really thought beyond that...

Example 2: Turn off e-mails at busy part of the day

Wait? Is this not career malpractice? I keep stumbling across this suggestion - folks turn their email notifications off so that the pings and pop-ups don't distract from a current task. I am tempted to give this a try and see what impact it has on my productivity. I have learned to navigate in an environment of noise and multi-tasking, but maybe removing a layer every once in a while would be a good thing.

Options: Plan my day in advance with an eye toward the busiest time. Turn notifications off. 


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