Monday, November 3, 2014

Health Check-In: Month One

Remember last month when I told you I was embarking on this 90-day journey with the Healthy Lemon to focus on several aspects of wellness? Well, that first 30 days went by fast. I experimented with a lot of different recipes like crockpot pot roast and fajitas with peppers. I binged on some foods like eggs, bananas and sweet potatoes. I stopped drinking soda and cut way down on any artificial sweeteners. I didn't do a great job this month of bringing my lunch, but I did opt for much healthier lunches. AND, in an effort to bring my lunch, I have already cut up a chicken that I can use on salads this week. I'm really trying to embrace the whole "Sunday-prep" philosophy. I didn't do a stellar job of ramping up the exercise. I attended Pure Barre about twice each week. I did an occasional run.

So what were my results?

  • Skin. My skin looked and felt instantly better. As someone with sensitive skin that is extremely prone to breakouts, it has been a delight not to have to cope with inflammation of any sort. 
  • Weight. No change here. I'm hoping that by adding more intense exercise this month, I will lose the 3-5 lbs I set out to lose. 
  • Reflux. None. Zero. Nada. By eliminating processed sugar and fatty foods, I have had no episodes of acid reflux at work or waking me up in the middle of the night like before. Catherine was right - my gut needed help, and I am being rewarded for making these dietary changes. 
  • Blood Sugar. The numbers have been awesome! This is probably the best result for which I could ever hope. I go to the endocrinologist in December, which will be after the 90-days. I expect a pretty darn good appointment. 

If you're interested in a little bit of assistance with everything from stress management to physical fitness, please get in touch with the Healthy Lemon. She's great! 


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