Thursday, December 11, 2014

Past Trends to Laugh About

Do you lever look back at certain trends that you adopted and simply laugh? I do. I recall this time of year as a teenager or younger and wonder what sorts of things were on my Christmas list because I "had to have them" a it-would-be-social-suicide-not-to-have them kind of way. We have to laugh at ourselves. After all, we are still trying to form our own fashion identities and latching onto trends is part of that process. Here are some of the ones that make me laugh the most:

Glitter Jeans. Glitter everything. Dear Mavi & Buffalo jeans, I would like personally to thank you for making my Freshman year of high school manageable by marketing and selling extremely tight jeans covered in glitter. Nothing quite makes a statement like leaving trails of fairy dust at your desk, in the halls, in your mom's car, and all over your face. Thanks also for making the glitter experience short-lived, because after three washes, all of it was gone. And so was the magic. 

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Juicy Couture. Maybe it is too soon to relive the track suit. It does seem like yesterday that I found my first Juicy outfit and proudly put it on only to think to myself, "I will never wear anything more comfortable than this." Fun fact: I still miss these. While I never sprang for the ones with"Juicy" on the rear, I still couldn't resist wearing a bath towel as an outfit. To school. To events. To the grocery store. To workout. To the airport. Over a bathing suit. I laugh about them now, but I'd probably be the first to break code and wear them again. Like these? Try Monrow's line of loungewear. 

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Soffe shorts. What the heck? Did I cheer? No. Did I dance? No. But I just had to pay $7.99 - $9.99 for some cotton gym shorts only ONLY oooonly so I could roll them up twice to maximum shortness. What was that about? Did I think so highly of my legs and lower butt region that I needed to show the world? I have to think that this was a trend that circulated to impress boys. I mean, no one said it out loud, but why else? Thank goodness this has all since been replaced by Nike and Lululemon at appropriate lengths. 

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Tell me your ideas. I am dying to know what trends you laugh about now. Chances are, I participated if I was old enough. I feel so thankful now that I use my own discretion to determine what I like and do not like rather than follow the fashion sheep. That doesn't mean I can't enjoy a good laugh or two. 

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