Friday, December 5, 2014

What if 2015 was different, fashionistas?

Fashion blogging is funny...and fun. I really think one has to have a sense of humor about herself to dabble in the practice. Whether you're the type to model the cute fashions, share the trends on professional models or come up with cute collages, you have to operate under one somewhat arrogant assumption: that someone else out there cares what you think. Let's be honest, I got started because I wanted an outlet for my creative energy and fashion enthusiasm. But at some point, you start realizing that this isn't a diary that you lock and put in your nightstand. I'm sharing myself with people - my thoughts, my insights, my tragedies, my hometown, my personal style...even my politics. And it's not that I expect you to care, but I have the intense desire to share opinions and promote style and invoke positive change in the city or in the minds of women struggling with body image or how to put together an outfit. And sometimes I am just so excited about things (like 2015 Spring Runway 1970s trends) that I must write about them. Yes, I will settle for the title of wannabe journalist.

 It's been a soul-searching kind of  year. I am a part of an awesome book club of women reading Sheryl Sandberg's Lean In. This is a wonderful book that outlines the struggles that women face both in the workplace and as mothers/wives. The material is obnoxiously relevant and our discussions are rich and wonderful. One theme comes out strongly - women have a harder time celebrating their successes and forgiving their failures. This year, I want my blog to be about the confidence that women need to celebrate. This year isn't about making ugly faces at the Victoria's Secret models for living off of 200 calories a year. This year isn't about making fun of the girl at work who couldn't quite nail the outfit. Free fashion advice: you don't become prettier by revealing the ugliness or shortcomings of others.

Let's own our style this year. Let's take some risks and not lean on the thought I can't pull that off. Yes, there are certain baseline rules on body type and proportionality, but I promise you there are ways to make a trend work with any body style. In one area of life, let's revamp that wardrobe! Do you typically go about town in loungewear or athletic clothes? Make sure they are great quality and good fit. Are you married to your workplace's handbook on business casual? Your options are so much wider than you probably realize...and on any budget. I'll bet you perform twice as well at work when you feel put together. Are you one of the lucky ones who gets to wear chic jeans with the latest sweater and heels all day? Well, in the spirit of a renewed attitude, I won't say I hate you, but I will say you have an advantage - limitless options.

Let's not make silly resolutions, let's just do it. Let's empower each other and freely give compliments. Let's clean out the closet of items we have been using to hide ourselves. Okay, yes, do keep a few pairs of sweatpants - they are a sacred staple among women everywhere. Except maybe Anna Wintour. Listen, I'm not an expert. I'm not even one of those big-timers who gets to blog for cash-money and have features in magazines (hey, that'd be cool though). But I do carve out this platform for myself to dialogue with anyone who so chooses to read. And I am a believer that small, grassroots changes - whether in politics, fashion, attitude, or health - can amount the difference between happy and unhappy.

Okay, I'll start! Who can find me this outfit?

I'm not kidding! This little sneak peak of what is to come for Spring makes my inner Bohemian smile. And no, maybe that's not literally the outfit I need to wear to go to Whole Foods, but the texture, color, fringe and shape sure do give me tons of inspired ideas about what's in store this Spring! 

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  1. Love this!! I think we all need a little reality check like this sometimes.. I know I do!


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