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2015 New Year's Resolutions

2015 New Year's Resolutions

Ah, it's a new year! Isn't it the perfect time to do one of those self-assessments and figure out the best places to make changes or improvements? I am making a few myself! If you want some ideas or inspirations, there is no harm in borrowing ideas from people who constantly self-scrutinize (ahem, me). 

1. Organized Workplace. Actually, this is a strength of mine. I have always loved office/school supplies and taken pride in keeping everything orderly and systemized. I got a little carried away this year because I could not commit to a notebook I liked, so I have about 7 different notebooks with notes in it. As you can imagine, that can get very difficult to consolidate. Here are some great items to purchase for organizing your work life.

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  • Poppin. Shop by color. Or, if you're allergic to color like I am, shop by white. See below. This is on my shopping list for this month. I have found that having a place for all of the clutter is key to keeping any organized workspace. Don't be afraid to repurpose containers or bowls to add some of your personality into the mix. 
  • Moleskine. I am really going to try to consolidate my to-do lists in one notebook. You're talking to a girl who keeps 5 calendars updated at all times. I never said I was efficient. This will be an attempt at efficiency. I like these because there is a small notebook for each month of 2015. Tip: You can YouTube reviews of different journals to see if it has features you like. If you're a dork like me, this is a must. 

 Poppin. image source
2. Financially Savvy. Well, let's just say no one has ever used those two words to describe me. I made huge strides this year by starting a 401(k) and participating in an employee stock purchase program, but I have a lot of progress to make. Here's the thing - I like things. Shoes. Beauty Products. Clothes. Haircuts. Manicures. Ink Pens. Pure Barre. Throw Pillows. Coffee Mugs. Candles. My plan is to keep a close eye on what comes in and what goes out and maybe it will shock my conscience so much that I make better choices. The goals are to follow a budget, establish credit, and open a savings account. Don't you dare judge me! So, I designed my own budget notebook with May Designs and I am hoping this tiny investment will motivate me to keep up with the cash flow. See the one in the pic that says "Money Talks"? Well, mine is a similar pattern but it says "Money Matters." Yep, you can customize them. I hope I remember that mantra all year. I'll be a billionaire by December.

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3. Communicate. If anyone were to hand out an award for the least likely to pick up the phone and call someone it would go to me - no contest. I love humans, especially the ones I consider friends or family. But there's something about carving out time to hold a square up to my face and talk that psychs me out. As a result, I talk to some of my favorite people very little. 
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  • Don't wait until they call me. That's a tall order, but it is time I stop pretending like my downtime is reserved for precious TV or online shopping. Maybe it will take scheduling a standing call time with people. Maybe it will be something I do while I walk around the neighborhood (Fun Fact: I am never still when I am talking on the phone). 
  • Mix Channels. I think I'd FaceTime more than I would talk on the phone, so maybe I mix in some FaceTime dates. Why wouldn't I want to see your pretty faces? I also want to invest in some good stationery and be better at sending birthday, anniversary, get well, congrats, or thank you cards. It's an old-school way to communicate, but I find it endearing. 
4. Others. The world is full of billions of people, and I spend what seems like 95% percent of my time on my own wants, needs and selfish desires. What do I want to eat? What do I want to wear? I don't want to go because I'm tired. That doesn't work with my schedule. I don't have time. I'd rather not. Well, who's going to be there? I. I. I. Me. Me. Me. Blah. Blah. Blah. Don't get me wrong, I think we all need our own attention every once in a while, but I bet we could all spare a little bit of time and attention to better something/someone outside of us. That is why I love being a part of Operation Tucci. I have a reminder to be kind. To spread positivity about my city. To spend time honoring a friend. I want to do a better job of that this year. 

5. Miscellaneous. Try new workouts. Avoid gluten. Don't let the gas tank get to "Empty." Keep my oil changed regularly. Get back to church. Answer my work phone. Unsubscribe from emails. Keep a to-do list. Start and finish a new series. Spend more time outside. Keep the inside of my car clean. Donate clothes. More weekend road trips. More Farmer's Market, less Kroger. Write more. Blog more. Sketch more. Whiten teeth. Floss. Wear more sunscreen. Lift heavier weights. Find a work mentor. Grow hair out long. Turn off the lights. Plant flowers and keep them alive. Keep a1c under 6.2%. Read more books and fewer magazines. 

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