Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Motivations for Exercise

I may well be the worst about getting into prolonged workout ruts. And, although I did have a lot going on this Winter, I nearly hybernated in January and February. It's not that I gained weight, but the parts that were toned started to soften. The energy I once had - thanks in large part to my wellness coach, Catherine - started to dissipate. Also, as work grew more stressful, I began eating out of convenience and did not desire to dedicate much energy or thought to my food's nutrition. My body was also going through some pretty intense changes, so I felt justified in cutting myself some slack. 

Then March came around and reminded me of four motivations for getting back on track.

1. Daylight Savings Time - Believe me when I tell you that I had no desire to run afterwork or drive to Pure Barre when it was dark by 5:30PM. All I wanted to do was go home, eat and go to bed. With the weather getting warmer and daylight extended, I have already run more outside in the past two weeks than I did in the previous two months. Geez. My body has quickly humbled me by showing me just how much running endurance you can lose when you take a hiatus. I am super-slow. Want to feel good about your pace? Run with me.

2. Engagement - Yep. You've heard by now that I got engaged on my 28th Birthday (March 5). Since we are looking at wedding dates in late 2015, that means I have around 8-months to get in respectable shape. What's respectable shape? The effortless 5K. The absence of arm flab. Flat stomach with maybe an ab or two. I'll settle for half an ab. 

3. 10-Year High School Reunion - Okay, maybe I am vain. Plus, with social media, there aren't any secrets when it comes to appearance. But, I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a motivator for me.

4. Stress Relief - It may seem counterintuitive to workout when work is most stressful and time-consuming, but I am finding that carving out that time is helping to take the edge off of the busy day. 

I get inspiration from the workout routines of my friends. For example, about 10 of them are into tabata workouts. Quick. Intense. (Time-saver? Sign me up). I get inspiration from Pinterest - check out my Health and Fitness Board. I love visiting some of my favorite old food and fitness blogs. Those Tone It Up videos are fun. Pure Barre will never leave my list of favorites. Running to new playlists or talk radio is one of my favorite tips. And, honestly, sometimes buying a new sports bra is enough to get me out the door.

Change doesn't happen overnight, but it does happen when you dedicate the time and effort. 

Is anyone else on a Spring Fitness Kick? If so, what are you doing that you love? 

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