Saturday, March 14, 2015

New Life Chapters: Engaged on my Birthday

The forecast looked grim for the birthday week. I kept checking to see whether March 5th would be a Spring birthday or a Winter birthday, but the snowflake icon hovered over the day with an unmistakable "100% chance" for days. When Wednesday night approached, Lucas and I were watching TV and suddenly heard the ice pellets clanking against the windows. For hours and hours overnight it snowed and iced, and my 28th birthday was officially snowed out. No work. No evening festivities. That's fine. I don't require a lot of birthday attention. The bigger fear was our susceptibility to Cabin Fever. We started watching House of Cards and playing board games. Mid-afternoon, Lucas decided to see if he could make a reservation for Paulette's in Harbor Town because it is close to our house and is attached to a hotel that certainly could not close. My mom met us for dinner and brought my birthday gifts with her. I was so excited to get out of the house and be celebrating in some capacity. I opened my new iPad (on which I am writing this post while waiting for my hair color to process - see pic below). Hey! I never said it would be attractive. Lord knows I need this salon day. Anyhow, back to the festivities. Lucas and I drove home, and I was eager to get the iPad out to play with it. He gave me another gift - the iPad case and keyboard! I started using it immediately. I was raising the roof and acting like a kid with a new toy. Lucas has the iPad Air. I had just gotten the iPad Air 2 and wanted to know if our camera quality was similar. I launched the App, and he said, "let's take the first selfie on it." I thought nothing of it because, well, I tend to take a Kardashian amount of selfies. He posed himself behind my barstool and we counted down "1, 2..." What happened next is captured in the other photo below. Yes, this was literally the moment the ring was introduced into the situation. Memorialized in a selfie forever.

Was I expecting it? Heck no! I had such low expectations for this snow day birthday that I was content simply to play with an iPad for hours on end until Spring decides to grace us with its presence. 

Needless to say, I am pumped! Thank goodness that life gives you multiple shots at happiness :)

So, planning... we do not have a date. We do not have a venue. So, I think I am going to blog this process with all of you. I do not fancy myself a wedding planner. Can't we just skip to the dress and cake? One thing I do think I know is colors...metals. Mixed metals. Silver. Gold. Bronze. Copper. White. Together. Everywhere. All the time. Always. 

So, this means a few things for Chic Memphis coming up - Wedding posts. Getting-back-to-working-out-after-being-a-slob. Grizzlies Playoffs. Festival Season. 

Tell me, who's pumped?!

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