Sunday, April 26, 2015

Inspirational Looks & People: Vol. 1

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When you think of folk who are consistently chic, you might think of Olivia Palermo, Lauren Conrad or Jules from Sincerely Jules. The name that comes to mind first for me is Mira Duma. If you search that on my blog, you'll likely find 500 other posts I've dedicated to her style. I followed her through her most recent pregnancy fashion and I am continuing to watch her post-baby looks. Because of our similar height, I watch the little things like proportionality and heel height. She never seems to miss!

Interested in a similar look?

Zara Trousers |

                 |  J.Crew Blazer

Tularosa Blazer |

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I'm mot sure if this one was more depressing or inspiring, but I am going to go with inspiring today. Often I look at fitness Pins on Pinterest and I think "that's too much." I like this picture because she looks fit and toned. What I really like are the arms and abs. I'm not going to do a side-by-side, but let's just assume I would not look the same in a similar outfit. Let's focus on some methods to get a little closer:

|   Pure Barre  |  My workout of choice.

Running Regimen  |  Be a Better Runner  |

| Tight Belly Plan | For Toning the Abs

Am I allowed to be inspired by my own desk? I spend the majority of my time at work, so I want it to be inviting and fun while maintaining professionalism. There are economical purchases you can make - or even things around the house - that translate into perfect containers for your cubicle or home office.

 |  Anthropologie Bowls   |

                               |  Colorful Tape  |

|  Lucky Bamboo  |

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