Thursday, April 23, 2015

Wedding Make Up Part II

It would have been a long blog post to do all of the wedding makeup information at once, so I have broken it up into two. We will start back with one of my favorite topics: eyes!

Eyeshadow: My favorite eyeshadows are probably all of your favorite eyeshadows - the awesome neutral options in the Naked group by Urban Decay. I own all 3 sets, and I don't imagine I will have any shortage of options from which to choose on the wedding day! Where I need your help is with brushes. Mine are all pretty worn. Where do you buy your brushes and what shapes do you prefer to use?

What I'd Like to Try: Bobbi Brown Hot Nudes! Do you sense a trend here? I can't have purple or blue eyelids on a special night like a wedding night! I also cannot stand my eyes being overly dramatic and smoked out because it is nothing like how I wear my makeup on a typical day. I had an artist do a trial run for me once, and I looked like I could be working on the street. I like being in charge of makeup simply because I can guarantee I will look like myself. All these are sold at Sephora!

 Lipstick: Always and forever, I use Tom Ford. I have about 5-shades I rotate among, and anytime I am in Atlanta or Chicago (here recently) I grab a couple of new shades. The colors and the formula are amazing! A couple of brands that I would consider distance seconds are NARS and MAC. I love Honolulu Honey by NARS. It is very light and only works well in the Summer. MAC's Hug Me is one of my favorite natural colors. As for lip gloss, YSL all the time. 

What I'd Like to Try: More Tom Ford. All of the Tom Ford. Again, I need your help here - and YES, I do read comments when you leave them (I see you, Victoria - your tips rock!) Lip liner. Do I really have to use this? I have bought some. I might use them for a couple of weeks and then they go deep into my makeup drawers to collect dust. Can you think of some really good reason why I need to be lining my lips? I have no bigger pet peeve than my lipstick wearing off and all that is remaining is a thick line of color and pale dry lips. Ew. That being said, I can be persuaded.

 Fragrance: Try as I might, I have never been able to have a signature scent. I am a mood-based perfumer. Is perfumer a word? I gravitate toward Chloe and Clinique Happy (yes, I do) in the Spring and Summer, but my absolute favorite scents come from Jo Malone! I have Wood Sage & Sea Salt that I like to wear in the cooler months. I wear Wild Bluebell in the warmer months! These scents are so much fun to mix and match! 

What I'd Like to Try: This is going to be a mouthful - Maison Francis Kurkdjian. I've seen it sold at the boutique on Broad 28Twelve and some boutique in Oxford, MS. Aside from that, I found out about it by reading articles about best scents. These are a stupidly high price point, but one day I'll be one of those stupidly curious customers and buy a bottle. Has anyone tried these scents?

So, basically, you can tell below, I don't wear a ton - or maybe it is that I don't want it to appear to wear a ton. Either way! Here is what I have to watch out for in pictures - eyes looking too small in pictures. This is why I do not go heavy on liner or shadow. Sometimes I don't use liner at all. Also, when I smile really big, the veins in my neck bulge out like I am straining. Can I have some of your tips on how you make your eyes pop without having a Kardashian amount product on your eyes? If my eyes were big already, that would be one thing, but mine are not. 

As always, thanks for your help  & thanks for reading! 

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  1. Okay, I'm definitely a makeup freak, but your questions are dovetailing so nicely with my own!
    Eyes: Bobbi Brown's Sand Palette is lovely!! As far as worrying about your eyes looking a little small, try out a rose gold liner or shadow. Sephora makes one in Strawberry Macaroon, and Laura Mercier's Caviar Stick in Rosegold would be jaw-dropping on you! Glide it on at your lash line, don't worry about precision, and smudge into your lids. Very subtle, but pink enough to be flattering and gold enough to catch the light and not recess your eyes. Pair it with Naked 3 - pink tones makes your eyes pop instead of recede! Avoid liquid liner unless you can make it look natural; harsh lines are not your friend in photos. Try a smudgy liner on only your top lash lines. Another one of my favorites: use your Orgasm blush as eyeshadow. Very subtle, but glowy!!
    Lips: skip the liner. Try reverse liner instead. It's clear and keeps your lipstick from migrating. Make Up For Ever's is the gold standard. If you're worried about having creepy chewed-away-lipstick mouth (my struggle), put a lightweight lip stain (Benetint is perfect under a red lip) on first, then your lip primer, then your lipstick. As long as the lip stain isn't oil-based (melts most lipsticks - also oil-based; so stay away from the new YSL!), it lasts forever and no one can tell that you need to touch up your lipstick! Or try the Too Faced Melted lipsticks - not as buttery as your Tom Ford, but gorgeous colors and they last sooo long!

    If you try any of these, I'd love to know your thoughts!!


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