Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Wedding Wednesday: Let's Get It Started.

Well, it has begun. I don't fancy myself a wedding planner. Frankly, I am not the typical girly-girl when it comes to wedding planning. Until you've been through it, you have no idea how hefty the price tags can be for each little thing. So, I find myself using words like "fun" and "easy" to describe how I envision the evening. Which evening you ask? We made the first big decision last week. We didn't go into this thing thinking, hey let's get married in six months...but it worked out with our venue. To be honest, I am glad we don't have a lot of time to plan. We can do this in six months - mostly because my mom is a rock star when it comes to these things. We have established the when. We established the where at the same time. I just love downtown weddings. I have spent the last six years of my life downtown. My parents live down here. I've gone to school and worked downtown. I have watched restaurants pop up and businesses flourish. As a proud Memphian, I could not imagine getting married elsewhere. I am just thankful Lucas felt the same way.
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We picked the Cadre Building for our wedding venue. The perks to this venue - aside from its aesthetic appeal - is that it can accommodate the wedding and reception in the same building. I love that because it maximizes the amount of time to party visit. Basically, you have a wedding in 20 minutes, send folks upstairs for a cocktails and then come downstairs for a 4-hour dance party. Naturally, after we selected the venue and the date, we created a 90-song playlist to ensure endless fun. We have songs from the 1950s to now. Now, we just need to find a DJ who doesn't mind that we have done all the dirty work of identifying the jams. Lucas and I both value music at a party. There will be dancing. Lots of it. There will be sweating. Lots of it. And we have a few more months to perfect the playlist. Thank you to all of you for your recommendations on my Facebook status. 
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There is still so much to do. We have a photographer prospect with whom we are meeting on Monday. It is our first choice, so we are excited they had the date available. I have also started my fitness plan. Running has made its way back in our lives. I have also been trying to figure out good arm workouts. That will probably involve more Pure Barre. I want to target triceps, abs and thighs and Pure Barre targets all of those. With Grizzlies games wrapping up and daylight hours extended, I have no excuse not to make the drive out to East Memphis for class. What greater event in life to incentivize looking your best than your own wedding? Does anyone else have recommended workouts? I am open. There are a few other beauty To-Dos including professional teeth whitening. That is something I have always wanted to do. Now might be the time. The likelihood of me actually cutting down on coffee and tea is very slim, so I may need to whiten closer to September. 

Stay tuned for upcoming posts on the wedding colors (black, white, mixed metals), wardrobe, and other fun updates for those of you interested in this sort of girly stuff. 


  1. It's the perfect place for a reception -- before or after the event, with plenty of space for people to move around. The vow renewal place itself is large with room for plenty of tables. There is a stage to the right side of the room, where your presenters can be seen or the bride and groom can take their vows.


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