Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Destin Chronicles Days 2 & 3: Beach Lightnin'!

Good morning! We have some catching up to do. Lots of places are walking distance from our condo, including Chick-fil-a. Lucas and I ate breakfast there (and I grabbed the large coffee, pictured here). It was delicious. I had a delighful conversation with a man from Chick-fil-a corporate in Atlanta. No, I didn't get political. I just wondered why ten corporate guys were wandering around the Chick-fil-a in Destin. Turns out, they just opened a new store a few miles down HWY 98. In a densely populated area like Destin, you don't have to worry about canabilism among the restaurants. NO, the restaurants do not eat each other. But they are okay with restaurants being close together in this area because they are not likely to poach customers. I digress...

On my way out, I saw some of my cousins doing drills in the condo parking lot. They are starting again at 9:00A this morning, so I am trying to finish up the blog to go join them. It's a bit rainy this morning. But back to yesterday. I took requests and compiled a 100-song beach playlist, so yesterday's beach day turned into a dance party extravaganza. And, although I was religious about sunscreen, I got a lot of sun. How does the sun always find the places you accidentally missed/swore you got? Kelsey and I were having a great time!

Tuesday night was "Mexican Night." This is a Destin trip tradition. We have a boatload of enchiladas and tacos coupled with margaritas and carona. A delightful game of limbo is played, and I never play because I have the least back flexibility of anyone I know (yoga might help). It was really fun, but you could tell everyone was ready to call it an evening after that. So, Lucas and I started the movie "Nightcrawler" and proceeded to fall asleep. The whole night was illustrated by an awesome beach storm. The storms are always more majestic over the ocean and yet another sure remidner of just how small we are in the grand scheme of things. Check out these two photos from last night:

'Til Tomorrow! Cheers :)

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