Monday, June 22, 2015

Florida: Day 1 - "You guys need to quiet down"

Oh, the annual Florida trip. How I look forward to thee each year. Since I was little, my Uncle Pat and Aunt Lauran have been nice enough to invite my brothers and me to their Destin trip. More often than not, if I can swing it, I go. I am super-glad to have Lucas with me this year. The trip down here was an exhausting battle among different GPS systems battling it out over the best route around what proved to be a few instances of standstill traffic. Lucas and I pondered how people traveled a long time ago. We certainly didn't have GPS that long ago. We traveled from memory, signs or maps. 95% of the time, this new technology is helpful. On this trip, we witnessed firsthand what happens when different GPS apps start a war against each other.

Anyway, so we got in and did the traditional "eat and go to the store" methodology. This is where you throw you stuff into the room, roll out to a nearby restaurant (shoutout to Island Wing Company - great food!) and then hit up a Winn Dixie for food for your condo. We walked away with necessities like bacon, eggs and beer. Of course, I end up throwing things in like Almond Coconut Milk Blend and Greek Yogurt. I can't eat like complete garbage on vacation, but I am relaxing a little bit. Powdered donuts, for example, stand no chance within my reach. We stayed up way too late on the condo balcony solving the mysteries of the universe. 

Sunday was a lot of fun. It was the first official day on the beach! I have never experienced such a pleasant breeze on a June beach trip. I give myself about 30-minutes without sunscreen, then comes the SPF 30. I came out relatively unscathed, barring a few spots on my right knee. I have the high-honor responsibility of making sure the fiance does not burn either. He is new to beach life, so he is getting accustomed to the random attacks of sunscreen spray. Have you ever burned your feet? It is not fun! After beach time, we all got ready (we are 8 to a condo) and went to my favorite restaurant in Destin - Louisiana Lagniappe. I ordered filet. Lucas ordered Grouper Kevin, and we shared. It did not disappoint. But get this - we are a party of 16. Sometimes we all talk at the same time. Sometimes we are unaware of our combined volume...until the manager of the restaurant basically comes over and gestures for us to keep it down. Like that's going to happen. So, we ignored the fun sponge and proceeded to enjoy our evening.

Now, I am the first one awake in the condo on this Monday morning. I watched my first full episode of the Daily Show and laughed. It's taken me a while to develop a political sense of humor. I've brewed my pot of coffee and am fully prepared to sit on the balcony reading the Steve Jobs biography I downloaded for just the occasion.  Check out a few pictures from yesterday's fun!


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