Monday, June 1, 2015

Motivational Monday: Fitness Edition

You guys, it's June! The new month falls on a Monday, which means the productivity gods have aligned and are beckoning you to start good habits. I have read a good bit about tips to stay on top of a fitness regimen, and most suggest planning out your workout week as though it is just as important as any other appointment or obligations you have.

Here's my plan for the week:

Microsoft Excel: Jordan Russell

I plan the workout in excel on Sunday night. Then, I log my diet/exercise progress in my newest May Designs workout journal. I plan on having a separate blog dedicated to this wonderful brand of journals, but for today's purpose, just know that I log a lot of my fitness stuff in here. Also, do grab the latest issue of Shape Magazine with Jessica Alba on it. It has an awesome interval workout that I plan on incorporating soon (pg. 84).

I have been doing so much research lately on workplace productivity and best practices, and now I have shifted gears to workout productivity and best practices. Like everything, there are few absolutes. I like planning life in 7-day increments. That is a manageable chunk for me. I know which workouts make sense when given the other plans and appointments I have for the week. For example, I know I have a birthday dinner planned for Wednesday, so it is going to be my quick Tabata workout that I can do before work in the morning. This is so much better for me than saying "all Tuesdays are long-run days."

I am also hoping that there is some inherent sustainability in this plan by mixing it up and keeping it interesting. There are tons of videos out there! There are a zillion running routes. Maybe one day, I trade running for biking. I am also famous for trying to sneak in a work out by playing "Just Dance 4" on Wii. One way Lucas and I spiced it up this weekend was running the Butler stairs five times each. That is about 800 stairs total (plus 800 more if you count my leisurely walks down the stairs). This one was pretty difficult for me. While Lucas was taking his turn, I tried to squeeze in tricep dips, bicycle crunches and pushups. I am pretty sore this morning! These types of workouts - like the running intervals I did tonight - go by very quickly for me. That is an added bonus. One thing Catherine Portera researched for me (check her out here) is that these intervals (HIIT) can have a positive impact on blood sugar for hours and hours. That makes this Diabetic very happy.

Then, there is technology. I'll be honest with you. I have been cooking healthy and eating healthy for a few weeks now and amping up the exercise. I decided to step on the scale for the first time in a while this morning...


Is this the reward I get for all of my hard work? I decided to add an extra level of accountability - my new FitBit Flex. I have a few friends and colleagues with them, and they really seem to have a heightened awareness of their mobility and activity throughout the day. My name is "Jordan Peterson" on the FitBit because, well, it's close enough :) I was pumped to hit my 10,000 step mark today! I'll check in with you next week to see if there is any progress on the scale, but I do know I feel better, more energetic and highly motivated.

Anybody else find the scale was stubborn when they were exhibiting good behavior?

Anyone have fitness best practices to share?


Chic Memphis

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