Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Planning for Beach 2015

In less than three weeks, I will be sitting on the white sandy beaches in Destin. White sand. Good tunes. Great company - and the best part - no obligations. Packing should be easy for me because I think of the day in three segments, exercise clothes, beach clothes, and dinner clothes. That's right! I am going to take advantage of being an early riser and get out there and sweat before it gets way too humid. Lucas and I bringing our VitaMix along as well for smoothies. In my mind, a vacation only a few months before my wedding is no time to slack off.

Beach fashion is so fun because it taps into two of my favorite things - comfort and boho. You won't find me very buttoned-up or proper on this trip (or ever, really). Gone are the girly Charlotte days of Summer. Lilly Pulitzer, in utmost moderation, might be as far as I go. Maybe. I prefer bold Aztec prints over seersucker or pastels. Some of my favorite beach looks are shown below for inspiration! What are your favorite things to wear on trips?

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I love the look to the right for its effortlessness. Here's the concept - you throw it on and it looks cute. That's what beach looks are all about. I still think she looks extremely glamorous in that fringe - where can I find?!

How about the neutral shoe trick? It makes her legs look twice as long.

And the not-so-perfectly straight hair? The only way to go in the beach. With the humidity and salty air, my hair rarely stays sleek. Most days, I just prefer not to go to battle with it.

image source

Have you guys checked out the WildFox brand at Indigo? Most of these tops have a beach-appropriate saying. This particular one just captured me because it sums up the trip quite nicely. There is nothing better after a shower and heading into a game-night than throwing on a slouchy sweatshirt. Wake up, throw it on and brew your coffee. Sit on the balcony with the iPad (because I cannot unplug from the world.) That's beach livin'!

And white jeans? A beach staple if you don't pack enough flowy dresses.

Downside here - the price. A lot of tops run between $90 - $120.

Image source

Who remembers the post on Show Me Your MuMu? So many of the dresses, tops and tunics are perfect for the beach. The prints are awesome, the quality is great and most can be dressed up or down.

The downside here again is price.

For more, check out my Pinterest Board on Beach Chic.

I have a tiny amount of shopping to do before I leave, and a lot more exercise! How about getting in over 15,000 steps yesterday?! Tell me what your beach essentials are. What goes in your beach bag?

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