Monday, August 10, 2015

Belt It Out

Belts have always served a functional purpose, but how they have been used has varied over time. Remember your mom's Brighton braided leather belt? (I still have yours, mom.) Remember when giant belt buckles were huge? Rhinestones? Remember belts with bottle caps on it? For a while now, we have been using belts to accent dresses and throw over cardigans. I've started noticing their back in a real way...for pants. Imagine that!

image source

image source

The good news is that there is a decent chance you have a belt like this lying around from the mid-90s.  If you don't, a relative might!

The one above looks like a fun new trend.

Neiman Marcus sells a smaller version.

For one more like Kourtney's, check out his Zara belt.

Belts can be a fun and inexpensive way to accessorize an outfit. With Kourtney, I like how it is used to break up the White + White outfit and creates contrast. It also coordinates with her shoes.

Kendall's choice is more trendy and fun. I wouldn't spend too much money on something like this, because it could be out just as fast as it came in.

Embrace the belt this Fall! 

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