Thursday, August 6, 2015

Is it Fall yet?

Memphis summers are sweltering. So many mornings this week, I'd walk to my car to drive to work and get hit with the dense humidity as early as 7:00AM. It puts a damper on so many things like exercise. Most hours, it just isn't safe. Heat indices top 110 sometimes, so I'll pass. In the dog days of Summer, year-after-year, I start having fantasies about Fall weather. So, sit in the air conditioning and daydream along with me.

Fall Fashion. So often in the Summer, your tight clothes are stuck to you with sweat. In order to even survive the heat, you wear way less clothes than you'd like. Your toes are always out, so there's pressure to keep everything pristine. Your hair is thrown up in some sort of mess to keep it off your neck. Forget about makeup. It will just melt off. One morning, you'll wake up and walk outside to feel a breeze you can only describe as "cool." From there, you will go pull out all of the boots from your closet because their time has come! You move your free-flowing sweaters from the back of your closet to front-and-center. Fall fashion, folks, is the best fashion.

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Fall sights, scents and tastes. Did you know the Pumpkin Spice Latte has its own Twitter account? That's how popular this seasonal beverage is! Tragic news is that this Diabetic cannot drink them because they are full of sugar. There exists a pretty good low-carb substitute with this recipe. Pumpkin is such a flavorful taste, and I love baking with it! I also love the smells of Fall. Some of them are natural like the crispy leaf smell. Some come from my favorite candles that are downright spicy - Yankee Candle Farmer's Market. The sights! The leaves changing colors is scenic enough, but I also love when people start getting in the spirit and decorating for Halloween. Everything gets a bit more rustic and beautiful! 

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The events. Sure, there's Halloween. There's College Football. But in this household, it's all about the Memphis Grizzlies. Pre-season starts in October and the regular season is underway by November. As season ticket holders, we live for these games! Even before that, however, is our wedding! That's right, folks, September 12th will be here before you know it. Technically, that is not Fall, but it's about the time I start dressing like it! There's also Halloween, Cooper-Young Festival and the Fall Farmer's Market. 

What are your favorite things about Fall? Don't be shy!

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