Thursday, September 17, 2015

Baby on Board: Peterson's Baby Announcement!

I am currently 14 weeks pregnant, with an estimated due date of March 2016.
That's right, friends! Lucas and I are expecting Baby P. due on March 16, 2016, and we could not be more pumped! I've anticipated this chapter in my life for a while now, and while you might be doing the math in your head, this pregnancy was very much planned (to the extent that those things can be planned). With the first trimester under my belt, I thought  I'd share some fun milestones. I would also like to disclaim that we paid to find the gender results early, but we have not received said results yet and could have them as soon as tomorrow, so stay tuned!

How did we find out? 
Hint #1: Instagram pic to illustrate my fatigue.
The usual way, taking a pregnancy test and finding it sitting face up with two seemingly giant pink lines staring back at you. I'll be honest, I had taken several in the days before - no dice, but boy was I symptomatic. Tired turned to exhausted. Appetite turned to nothing. Backaches ensued. Tired of using the cheap tests, I told Lucas we needed to pick up a First Response Early Result. After that Walgreens trip, we went to Bangkok Alley to pick up our Thai to-go food. For those of you interested, that's Chicken Pad Thai (Spice 3) and a Cucumber of the Sea sushi roll. We dove into that meal while I waiting for the test to, uh, process. I could not handle the spice, and I just kept sweating during the meal. I went to look at the test, and it was positive. So, you know, I took like 4 more. All positive. Those things are rarely wrong about that. After trying to imagine lines that weren't there for a few months, it was refreshing to see two lines staring right at me. Rather than eating, Lucas and I took the dog on a long walk to digest the news.

How have the doctor's visits been?
In short, frequent. With a history of miscarriage and a chronic illness (Diabetes), doctors are very diligent about keeping an eye on things. I've been to the doctor at 5 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and 10 weeks. The first three were at a regular OBGYN. The most recent was at a High-Risk OBGYN. All of these visits include ultrasounds, so we get to witness a lot of the progress visually, and that has been surreal. I've seen and heard strong heartbeats. I've watched the baby flinch and move. It has been both exciting and emotional, because in those moments, everything is so real.

About the Diabetes, how's that going to go?
Hint #2: I posted on Instagram a very random and specific craving I was having for
Local's Brussels Sprouts. Yep, love those. 
Some of that is hard to predict, but much of that depends on my diligence. The first trimester has not been too terribly difficult as far as blood sugar management goes. Part of that is because the first trimester is famous for lower blood sugar. Another part of that is I barely ever wanted to eat anything. I didn't really have cravings, just aversions. Occasionally, I'd want fresh fruit or yogurt, but many times I just wanted nothing. Being Diabetic does impose risks to both the baby and me, but I am confident that Lucas, me and a great team of doctor's can maintain as close to a normal pregnancy as possible. And I don't have to drink that nasty glucose drink, because let's face it, we all know I'd fail.

Uh, yeah. Many symptoms I would file in the "TMI" category. That being said, if you want to have girl-talk about it, just contact me. I'd just rather spare the general public. I only threw up once, but the nausea would come and go as it pleased. I had one weekend of awesome breakouts. My hair is twice as thick. My gums always bleed. When I sneeze, I get belly cramps. Let me put t this way, I've bought a few new bras too. Geez. 

Weight update: Down 4 pounds. Don't judge me. I blame the aversions. Despite that, people have still seemed to notice a little bump. Not strangers - just family.

What's the plan for the blog?
Oh, my favorite part! You're going to get blog posts 5 days per week. Four of those days will be pregnancy related. Of those four, one per week will be hearing from another mom I have surveyed for answers to every little question I could think of! I've already got some great ones lined up! One day per week, I am committed not to talk about anything pregnancy related. I know we tend to obsess over pregnancy and babies, and I don't want to turn everyone off of the topic. If it is something you detest reading about, you have my permission to tune me and the ol' blog out for the next six months, but I would love for you to journey with me!

While pregnancy is such an exiting journey, I want to tell you honestly that I realize it is also among the most sensitive of topics. Many people know I've miscarried once. Very few know I miscarried twice. I had those moments of complete fear that carrying a child just wasn't in the cards for me. So, for me, seeing and hearing a heartbeat is nothing short of magical. I don't want this blog to be a source of stress or anxiety for anyone. Things can go wrong at every stage of the game, and I stay constantly aware of that. So, this blog serves a few purposes. One, it helps me journal and document a momentous time. Second, selfishly, I get feedback from all of you who have been through it.  Third, for anyone out there who has suffered losses, you can know that sometimes the next one sticks.

So, if you want to share advice, please do (politely). If you want someone to scream and shout about your struggles with, I am here! Since the beginning of time, women have been having kids. Yet, each time, we act like we are the only ones ever to have gone through such a thing. The fact is, it is new to each person going through it the first time. I want a community of supportive women around me, full of stories, encouragement and real-talk.

Let's do this, Baby Peterson!!


  1. Congratulations Jordan! I am very excited for you. You'll be a great mom!

  2. Congratulations Jordan! I am very excited for you. You'll be a great mom!


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