Friday, September 25, 2015

Fashion Friday: Maternity Vol. 1

What a weird new world of fashion! The thing that has surprised me the most is learning that maternity clothes don't come into play for that long with first pregnancies. I also think that more of my shirts than not are already cut in such a way that they could translate well into the maternity world. Big, blousy and billowy was a trend that I embraced for a few years, and I always love to do it in the Fall. But I have also vowed that I am not hiding this bump, so form-fitting clothes are definitely not out of the question. So far, at 15 weeks, I can still put on and button all of my pants. In fact, some fit looser because of the initial weight loss. Shirts are a different story. These days I find that button-down shirts seem to pucker at the chest area, because let's be honest, those grow first. 

I made my first purchase at Baby Bump in New Orleans a couple of weekends ago to invest in maternity clothes. I wanted every pair of jeans in the place! The first time I wear the new Citizens I bought, I will definitely post a picture. Instead of the big band all the way around, it just has black stretchy panels by each pocket. They are also petite flares, so I can actually wear them without tripping over them. I also bought a big, blankety sweater and another large sweater. It's just still too hot for those. I just tried to pick things that don't scream "HEY! I'M MATERNITY CLOTHES", so that I could justify paying the money and imagine myself wearing them later. You've got to check out that store though. It is amazing, and the customer service was outstanding!

Other than planning for maternity clothes (won't be too much longer, I swear there popped out a bump overnight), I do look at how other folks have dressed during their pregnancies and here are some of my favorites! Also, follow my Pinterest Board Chic Pregnancy to see other maternity inspirations. I love Mira Duma's maternity style, but that is no surprise, because I love her non-maternity style as well. Also, I try to find folks who are closer to my height. Just disregard Kristin Cavallari in the first picture, because we are built nothing alike. Both Kourtney K and Mira Duma are 5'2" and under.

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