Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Thoughts on Having a Girl

Oh, boy. We are having a girl. I could not think of one scenario under which that was possible (with the exception of maybe math and science). I feel a certain sense of obligation with a little girl, and maybe I need to check my own stereotypes at the door, but I just want the world to do a giant cleanup session before she arrives. Get the mean people out. Lock the TV Guide so she has no idea her mom watches Season 802 of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Get Trump out of the political picture. You know, things like that.

I would go on rants about how much cuter baby boys' clothes are than girls' clothes (mostly because I hate prissy Southern clothes). I had a boy's name picked out (Silas), which doesn't seem like it would transfer well to a female. I thought a Memphis Music/Grizzlies nursery would be perfect for him. Lucas has two brothers with two nephews. I have two brothers with two nephews. Girls are a scarce resource around here! When your doctor's office calls to tell you that you're having a healthy little girl, all the planning goes right out the window. I will admit that is an excellent way for God to begin the process of humbling us for a baby.

I was not a girly girl. I played basketball and got dirty outside. It wasn't until the teenage years that I really started relishing in the world of fashion and beauty products. I don't think little girls have to play in plastic kitchens and chase after boys. I want her to come in this world feeling like being a little girl in 2016 is powerful. I was always told I could do whatever I wanted and be whatever I wanted, so I hope she feels the same lack of boundaries to spread her wings and become an individual - a kind, dignified, self-confident individual (who really likes Grizzlies games. No pressure, but seriously).

Alright, guys. We have six months to clean up the world! Help!

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  1. I am not and was never a girly girl.I always thought I would have a boy and when. I was pregnant I thought I was having a boy. Everyone told me they thought I would have a boy ... and surprise! It was a girl! And now I wouldn't have it any other way. We can raise our girls to be strong and let them know they can do anything they want to do in this life. My daughter enjoys girly things but she also enjoys trains, dinosaurs, and a good amount of things considered boy too. And they have some pretty rockin girls clothes that aren't the prissy southern frocks you mention. I'm not really into those either. So happy for you! Girls are wonderul!
    -Carolyn Mallory


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