Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Weekly Updates: 15 Weeks 5 Days Doctor's Appointment & Diabetes

Look! She waved :) Her hands look so big, but mine aren't exactly little either.
I do doctor's appointments a lot. It is quite the double-edged sword. On one hand, you get a lot of time to look at your baby and receive reassurance and progress reports. For people like me, that means a lot for my sanity. My doctor knows that, and she has been awesome throughout this whole process. On the other hand, I am going to these frequent appointments because I am "High Risk." Today, I had a fun doctor's appointment. Lucas got to see Baby Girl P for the first time in a while, and she was hyperactive. It is so strange to watch a baby move like a crazy person on the screen but feel none of it. Then you remember, oh yeah, she only weighs 4 ounces. I have been reassured by the doctor any many of you that I will feel those movements soon, and that it will be such a special experience! I
cannot wait! We confirmed that she is, in fact, a female, and her heart rate was 158.

Weight Update: Down total 3 lbs since before pregnancy. Up 1 pound since last week. No one is concerned. I am sure it will all catch up with me. I bet my nose spreads across my face and my legs and ankles swell, and I will look back and think remember when I wondered when I was going to gain weight?

Cravings/Aversions: Hmmm...I am bothered by way fewer things now. I still do not want cheese dip or any Mexican food. I do love sushi (the cooked kind). We order Little Italy Italian subs a lot. Last week, I went through a Maggie Moos Cookies & Cream binge. The moral of the story is that I need to get my butt in a grocery store and reacquaint myself with fruits and vegetables. I love fruit! I guess I shouldn't forget that I had Brussels Sprouts for dinner three days in a row last week. Just those. I am in love. The guidelines say that, by the second trimester, you can add 300 more calories to your diet per day. While I am less picky now (due to being less nauseated), I still don't find myself wanting to eat more food. I am eating the same or less food now than I was prior to pregnancy, but I do not have this ravenous appetite yet.

Purchases: Yeah, maybe a little. But hear me out. I spent a while thinking this baby was a boy. I had bought a few cute boy outfits. Also I thought the little girl clothes I was finding were really lame. It felt like little boys got to be on trend with plaid shirts and rolled up jeans, but little girls had to wear pink lacy dresses or shirts that say "Daddy's Girl!" As it turns out, I just needed to look a little deeper. I am most excited about the Freshly Picked Mocs that came in last week, and she might need a few more colors. Feet don't grow, right? Babies don't grow, right?!?

Diabetes: Whomp Whomp! Yep, I still have it. Overall, my numbers have been great. The only number that has been difficult has been the morning (fasting) number, but that is a pretty important number. Doc wants that number 90 or below. It has been 120-130 consistently, so he has decided it is back on insulin I go. Nurse Practitioner today warned me that I was going to hit a wall around 24-weeks when Progesterone starts to surge and insulin resistance is in full-force. No pills are going to combat that, so insulin offers the tightest control of the options available. Insulin always makes me gain weight, but I think I'll just blame that on pregnancy instead. In somewhat cooler news, my doctors worked with insurance to help me get my Dexcom back (and covered). If you recall my Diabetes blogs, the Dexcom is a device known as a Continuous Glucose Monitor. You insert a needle into your body that has a two-week staying power thanks to the adhesive (that I happen to be allergic to). A transmitter that sits cradled on the adhesive sends information to a receiver that charts my blood sugar every five minutes. It alarms when it is too low. It alarms when it is too high. This new device also is compatible with an app that will show your blood sugar chart on your iPhone, your spouse's iPhone, etc. So, I should have all that I need to help make this the lowest risk high-risk pregnancy possible. I owe it to myself and to her.

Other Symptoms: I like sleeping. I get headaches. I prefer unbuttoning my pants to buttoning my pants. Breakouts have subsided. Heartburn is real. Reflux is real. My gums bleed when I brush my teeth. I experience round ligament pain when I turn too sharply or get up from the couch awkwardly. My hair is dry on the ends. Oh, and what is UP with these vivid dreams?

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