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Guest Mom: Catherine Davis on Pregnancy and Raising Baby Lawrence

I will go ahead and let you know that this one is very special to me. The first time someone in your close friend group has a baby, it is such an exciting experience! I remember the night Catherine told us she was expecting. It was December 2013, and we all went out to eat a place called East on Ridgeway. I remember her being the designated driver on New Year's Eve from Alchemy. Her sweet baby shower was awesome. Going to the hospital to meet Lawrence was such a joy, and Catherine let us ask her all the morbid questions. It wasn't too long ago that we got to see Baby Lawrence turn One! I cannot believe how time flies, but having an example of an awesome mom in your inner-circle is such an inspiration. I am very excited for Lawrence and Baby P to meet! 
Image provided by Catherine Davis

Baby’s Full Name & Birth Date (explain name if it has significance)
Lawrence Edward Davis V (July 30, 2014), special just because he’s the fifth (not many people can say that this day in age) and Lawrence’s Great Grandfather is still alive and in his life and the name just means so much to my husband’s family. He was born July 30, 2014.
After the excitement wore off, how prepared did you feel to have a baby?
Overall, I think we both felt pretty confident and comfortable/prepared…there’s so many resources out there these days (magazines, blogs, books, apps, family members, friends w/children, etc.) don’t get me wrong though, we had plenty of tough days and tears shed especially after LD went back to work and I was on my own all day! There were multiple times that I handed Lawrence to LD the minute he got home from work!
Now that I am a mom, I wish someone would have told me that ________.
Postpartum can be very trying. Not depression or anything, just feeling completely different in your own body for a while, and all the things that come along with it!
What items (beauty, food, medicine) did you swear by during pregnancy?
I’m weird (in plenty of other ways) but in regards to not really having any cravings during my pregnancy besides Apple Juice and sometimes a corn dog??? I used the Cocoa Butter Stretch Mark Cream pretty much from the beginning and I don’t have any stretch marks to show from little man so that’s a plus!
Favorite baby book or magazine (if you read them).
Of course I bought “What to Expect When You’re Expecting” just like every other first-time mom and read bits and pieces of it, but I found the app (same title) to be much more enjoyable/resourceful, also The app is a lot of fun in my opinion and I still to this day get weekly updates on Lawrence (development, eating habits, etc.) from them
Maternity clothes tips?
If it’s something you need to be in everyday (work/dress clothes in my case) just go for it! I put off buying dress pants for work for so long (did the rubber band trick A LOT! - look that up or ask a woman that’s had a child) because I didn’t see that as anything fun. My whole theory that I struggled with was/and still is, why spend lots of money on clothes that I basically had to wear for just about 3 months(got lucky the 1st time around, can guarantee I won’t get that lucky next time around!) But I got plenty of staples that I could wear at work/home and just tried not to wear the same shirt twice in one week! Also, stores (I went to Destination Maternity a lot –formerly A Pea in the Pod-) have some super cute designer jeans but I couldn’t seem to justify spending that much on a pair of jeans (again- that I wouldn’t be wearing all that long) but I think the next time around I might splurge and treat myself! Other than that, I bought a few pair of Jessica Simpson skinny jeans and they were cute/got the job done.
What was the best advice you received that helped you in motherhood?
It’s actually my own advice and something that I had to keep re-assuring myself over and over again….Just get through the first 6 weeks or so and it becomes so much more manageable and you’ll feel like you can conquer anything! But no lies, those first few (4-6) weeks were pretty rough! But at the same time, like everyone will tell you a million times, enjoy every moment because it seriously goes by so fast and they are just the cutest sweetest little things in the very beginning! Newborn-infancy is my favorite stage!
How did you decide the items from which you registered (research, word of mouth, random)?
      We basically just went to Babies R Us and they try to guide you in the right path of things that             you will definitely need (they were actually really helpful with the whole diaper                   aspect…about how many you will need in each size, we had no idea about that). But           other than that, just word of mouth and reading up in blogs/apps what other women           registered for; I over-registered big time but I think that most people know the things         that you need/don’t need.  Breastfeeding was very important to me (including                     spending time with my new little love and LD of course) so I registered for anything           and everything I had heard that I might need, especially for when I returned to work           12 short weeks later. And for any new/expecting moms out there that might not know,       you can go through your health insurance to purchase your breast pump and it is                 awesome! Most insurance offer a completely free option for a pump, but most were           hand-held and self-pumping, not electric which would be easier for my return to work       so I upgraded and got the one that I had originally registered for at less than half the           price!

Where did you register?
Babies R Us (their not very helpful in the store, but they do have A LOT online,  but would probably do Target next time around); and Itty Bitty Bella
What is your stroller? Do you like it?
Jeep Jogging Stroller (given to me by the best friends around J) I only wanted a jogging stroller, I personally don’t see the point in having one other than that.
What is your car seat? Do you like it?
Chicco KeyFit 30 and we loved it! Now that he’s a year old we use the Chicco NextFit Convertible Car Seat...I really like the Chicco brand and suggest to always get something gender neutral
Isn’t a baby bottle a baby bottle or are some better than others?
We pretty much only used Dr. Browns
Favorite diapers? What the heck is a diaper pail?
We’ve used Pampers the whole time with the exception of when I buy Honest brand diapers (they have the cutest designs and their chemical free but you just don’t get as big of a bang for your buck). The Diaper Genie Elite is the pail we use still to this day and love it...the filters work really well, for the most part aside from really stinky diapers!  
Baby monitors are expensive. What did you choose and why?
Angel Care Monitor, which is very pricy I will say, but it comes with a sensor pad you put under the baby’s mattress that will alarm if they stop breathing, which is so scary
Where did you get your diaper bag? What is in it?
My mom got me Lawrence’s diaper bag at Cottontails and of course had it monogrammed! But now we switch off between that and a ThirtyOne bag that my neighbor gave to me.
Best place to buy baby clothes?
Carter’s has become a great place to buy staples for him now like plain T-shirts and shorts…but for newborn/infant it’s a great place to get a 6 pack of white onseies, socks, mittens, play outfits. I go to Cottontails (East Memphis) or Spoiled Sweet (Germantown) for cute smocked outfits and sandals.
Nursery theme? 
Grey, Robins Egg Blue and White. I just wanted a very calm, sweet space and I’m much more into neutrals than big colors when it comes to home d├ęcor.
What do you wish you had registered for?
Breast milk storage bags and nursing pads (or gotten washable nursing pads because you go through them so fast in the beginning).
Is your baby on a schedule? Was that hard?
I think knowing that I was definitely going back to work, getting him on a good sleep schedule was extremely important to me. He slept in a bassinet next to us for the first 6 weeks and then after that we started putting him in his crib. That week he started sleeping through the night! I still remember the first time he slept through the night, I woke up (completely on my own, not from hearing him crying) and it freaked me out! I ran into his nursery to make sure he was ok, and subsequently woke him up by doing so! But in the beginning it was tough, he only wanted to sleep during the day and be awake at night
Be honest. When did you start getting sleep again?
Like I mentioned before, a little after 6 weeks…but you almost never again will sleep the exact same (or at least I haven’t, and that’s ok). I usually wake up at least once in the middle of the night, sometimes check the monitor and sometimes not. Anytime they are sick, they (probably) and you (definitely) won’t sleep great just from worrying about them. Also, the only time I really find to do stuff around the house is when he’s sleeping so that puts you in bed later and later.
How did motherhood change you the most?
I think/hope I’m a little more relaxed and laid back (except when he’s sick or something and then it’s all you can do to not rush him to the E.R. or Google every possible symptom). I try my hardest not to be a “hovering” parent and to let him explore and figure things out for himself.  I seriously get teary-eyed all the time at commercials, movies, etc. and before Lawrence I’ll be honest, I wasn’t super interested in other people’s kids; there are plenty of sweet kids out there (whether from family or from friends) that I adore and love to pieces, but after having him I find myself looking at more people’s kid’s pictures and being truly interested. I also have “panic attacks” sometimes just thinking about if something bad ever happened to him, or to LD or I, how scary it would be for him.

What is your favorite part of being a mom?
Seeing him do something that LD and I have taught him (even if it’s just how to shimmy himself off of our bed onto the floor or how to go down the stairs).  His big sweet smile when he sees me picking him up after work; that’s by far the best part of my day.
What is the hardest part?
Filtering through everyone’s advice and judgements (especially on breastfeeding) and just doing what works best for you and your little family.
Your best trick for losing the baby weight.
I guess I’ll have to go with breastfeeding, because I sure as heck wasn’t going to the gym every day! And good for those moms who do, but more than anything I’d say enjoy time with your new little family and be happy and that’s all that matters.

This was way helpful! Lord knows, I will probably ask her a million more questions before it is all over, but I still like having something I can go back and reference. A theme I notice is that for women who chose and were able to breastfeed, having enough supplies for nursing is an issue. I am also having a hard time with strollers and monitors, so I need to check out some of these recommendations! Thanks a million, Catherine Davis! 

If you would like to participate in the Mom Blog Series, don't hesitate to reach out. We would love to hear your unique experiences!

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