Thursday, October 8, 2015

Weekly Update: Week 17 - Major Transitions

Time flies when you're growing a baby! You know that moment you turn around and it's October? That's what happened. October means Grizzlies season, and Grizzlies season means that life starts to move very quickly. I am trying to develop some sort of mantra to keep my stress at bay during the hard games. "It's just a game." But that isn't how I feel. 

Symptoms: I hate that there is no polite way to talk about what happens to your body when you're pregnant, so I will do my best always to make it PG. I assumed that the moment I got pregnant, I would be running to the restroom to "go #1" (translation: pee) every hour on the hour. I kind of thought something was wrong because there was really no change in my frequency for weeks. Until now, that is. It is hard to say how much of that is attributed to the extra water I am drinking and how much of it is just Baby P crowding my bladder. I am also experiencing allergies, but I probably would have anyway. Oh, and the Bump, she's here to stay. No movement yet that I can detect, but I am told it will come soon! 

Weight/Bump: I have gained one pound from last week, which is a net -1 pound since before pregnancy. I weigh every Monday morning. At my doctor's visit, I weigh with full clothes and shoes and that number is 3 lbs. more than my Monday morning number. I've been saying the bump is here a couple of weeks now, but there really isn't any denying it anymore. 

Food/Fitness: I am embarrassed to brag that I finally went to the grocery store and bought actual fruit and vegetables, so I have been doing a little better. It is when we opt for convenience that the judgment goes awry. Also, I signed up for 11 Pure Barre classes (most of which are 6:00 AM, ahhh).  I always promised myself I'd be a pregnant gal who exercised, but aside from walks, I've been more of a pregnant gal who sleeps (early and often). 

Purchases: Speaking of sleep, I finally broke down and bought the Snoogle. The Snoogle is a pillow that is shaped like a contoured worm but it allows your body to have appropriate alignment when you sleep. This was more of a preemptive strike, because I can still sleep comfortably in almost any setting or position, but I know those days are numbered. I've loved it so far. Of course, more baby clothes for Baby P... I just cannot help myself. We got a few little gems at Target last weekend as well as the cutest little Grizz onesie! 

Also, I started registries on Target and Amazon. I will probably do one more at Itty Bitty Bella or Cotton Tails  unless I discover that most/all of those items are on Amazon. I had so much fun researching and adding things that the Amazon one is way more robust than the Target one, but I am using Target more for the Honest products and diapers. Big ticket items like strollers, monitors, car seats, cribs...all of that is still in the research phase. You can access from the above links. 

Diabetes: So, I told you I am back on insulin and back using the Dexcom. Those are good things in the pregnancy long-haul. The doctors said it is more important to get the fasting number down, so that was the recommendation that I adopted. With that transition comes stress. Whereas taking oral medication meant that my highs were never that high and my lows were never too low,  insulin can offer you tighter control but with a much larger margin for error. With insulin, you do have to worry about scary lows. The Dexcom makes this manageable because it shouts at you when you're getting there. I certainly didn't miss all the bruises from needle sticks and rashes from Dexcom adhesive, but if I remember that it is temporary and in the best interest of my health as well as the health of Baby P, then I am encouraged. 


  1. Jordan,

    First of all, CONGRATULATIONS! I am so happy for you! Second of all, I love following along your journey. I am sure in all of your research, you've stumbled across this website: But, just in case you haven't, I wanted to send it your way. I've learned a lot from it and have found it super helpful!

    Congratulations again!


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