Monday, November 2, 2015

Halfway to Baby P

After taking a couple weeks off for a blog hiatus, I thought I'd update you regarding the halfway point of pregnancy. First of all, how has the halfway mark already come and gone? I feel like pregnancy
time flies by faster than regular time, so I am really trying to embrace all of these fun little changes that happen week-to-week.

Symptoms: None, really. I take more frequent trips to the restroom, but I am also drinking more fluids. Oh, OH and I can feel the baby moving now! I love this new phase so much. After dinner, I can count on feeling her kick and wiggle when I sit on the couch. She's quite the night owl!

Weight: Up 4 pounds from pre-pregnancy and 8 lbs above the first-trimester weight loss. My pants no longer fit fully buttoned, so I have purchased one of those bands that allows me to wear my old pants unbuttoned without having them fall down. Genius! I am buying a few more maternity garments. Thankfully, most dresses, shirts, and yoga pants still fit fine. I have noticed that certain workout tops and sports bras are so tight that I get concerned oxygen won't actually make it to my brain, so I have purchased some of those in a more accommodating size.

Cravings: Well, I seem to like a lot of different things these days, but I still crave sugar above all things. I try to make sure that comes in the form of apples and bananas more than cookies and pie, but sometimes that is a difficult call to make :)

Purchases: I have slowed down on buying clothes, but her SuSu has not! Between the two of us, she might be set for a year.

Nursery: So, the house is on the market. It is hard to plan for a nursery when you don't know where it  might be. I have a few color schemes and ideas in mind but no concrete purchases. Stay tuned!

Diabetes: Believe it or not, this has gotten a little easier. I love the Dexcom and the security it provides, but I find myself taking a couple of days off between sessions because it irritates my skin so much.

Fitness: Back to the Barre! Pure Barre, that is. Some weeks I do better than others, but it always feels so nice to finish a class and know I am doing something productive for Baby P and me. Don't get me wrong, it is a challenge, but there are modifications that make it all a little easier. I plan on taking advantage of the "Baby Bounce Back" discount afterward.

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