Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 in Review: My Love Life

2015 was an exciting year for me for so many reasons - many of which center around my Lucas Peterson. January was a bit of an emotional whirlwind that settled us in for a pretty humdrum Winter. In short, pregnancy and miscarriage defined our January. Needless to say, it set an emotional tone for the new year, but we picked up the pieces and moved forward.  The biggest bright spot in this whole thing was Lucas. He was the hugest support through everything.

February included some pretty cool things. We spent Valentine's Day in Oxford, and we spent lots of time in front of the television watching House of Cards, one of my new favorite shows! During our Winter nights, we did art projects. Boy was it a strange Winter. Every Saturday in February was unseasonably warm, and then a snow storm hit.

In fact, my birthday (March 5) was a snow day. Having wrapped my brain around the fact that my birthday would be spent indoors, I lowered my expectations for the day.  Lucas had other plans. My mom, Lucas and I went to Paulette's, one of the only open restaurants on the island to have dinner. What I didn't know was that when I got home, as I was playing with this iPad, Lucas was going to pop the question. I was SO surprised and happy. It was an unequivocal "YES!" He did such a great job of making it organic and fun. He saved my birthday!

April and May were playoff months full of festivals and Grizzlies games. You have Hot Wing Festival, Memphis in May, etc. We also made our first attempt at planting flowers! That made sitting on the porch on the warm spring days very nice. We also started going on long walks, bike rides and doing the Butler stairs to prep for our upcoming beach trip. One day we decided to walk from our house in Harbor Town to the Butler stairs, do a couple sets of stairs and walk back. It sounded good in theory, but we were miserable. It's the kind of thing you do to share in a blog post...and then never do again.

Oh, the beach trip...what a fun June vacation! I had no idea at the time just how big of a trip that was. We shopped, ate great food and had a great time with family. I lost in min-golf. In July, we spent Fourth of July with friends! We also had fun at the Shell celebrating the gender reveal for Colleen! What we were keeping secret at the time was that a I had just found out that I was also pregnant. I found out on July 10th over a spicy round of Thai Food takeout. Fair to say, the rest of the year was and has been defined by this new phase of life known as pregnancy...and my first pregnancy to make it past 6 weeks. We had our first wedding shower, thrown by friends. We asked for vinyl records and continued keeping our little secret.

Reunion Time! 
In August, we attended my 10-year high school reunion and prepared for our wedding. Although Lucas only knew a handful of my friends, he still managed to make sure the night was fun. Friday night was at a local brewery, and Saturday was at a cool spot called Beale Street Landing. It was so wonderful to see everyone, but at 10 weeks pregnant, I still wasn't ready to share the news with the world.

September came quickly. We had the best wedding day ever on September 12, 2015.  It  was unseasonably cool and extremely memorable. It has been the best day of my life to date. After that, we were headed for a mini-honeymoon in New Orleans! When we came back, we let the world in on our big news! It wasn't days later that we learned that Baby P is a little girl :)

We slammed right into Fall. Grizzlies games geared up again, and my body was starting to look more and more pregnant. We had a low-key Halloween at the Fed-Ex Forum. I love the Fall because there are so many things to stay excited about! Sometimes Memphis weather decides to skip Fall, but we had some really nice days this year! We also put our house on the market because we knew our family was growing. Little did we know it would sell so quickly with a a very quick turnaround to find a place to move. Some people have mentioned that it seems like I like to do all my big life changes at once...I am not sure if I chose that or it chose me, but it has all worked out for the best!

In early November, we traveled to Knoxville and Asheville to see a concert and visit friends! It was such a fun, quick and beautiful trip! Lucas' birthday was Nov. 4, so it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go do something cool. My mom had bought us tickets to Jason Isbell and Cory Branan at the Tennessee Theatre in Knoxville - an area of town I had spent far too little time when I was in college Freshman year. We woke up, drove to Asheville and hung out with some of Lucas' childhood friends who were such gracious hosts to us! We ate, toured cool buildings, looked at extensive vinyl collections. It was a great time with great people in a great town! I can't wait to go back!

In December, we moved from Downtown to East Memphis. I loved this house from the moment I saw it, and it was such a great flip. We have really enjoyed making all of our grownup decisions as well as the stylistic ones! As per usual Christmas has come and gone. We spent Christmas Eve here in Memphis and Christmas Day and weekend in Illinois. It is nice being able to see both families over the holidays! I will always treasure the memory of my first Christmas with Lucas' family. I cannot articulate what great people they are - thoughtful in every moment and intentional to create a special Christmas for their family. Lucas tried to "prep" me for Christmas over there, but my only takeaway was that he is incredibly lucky to have a family who dedicates a large amount of time to making each other happy. We also dropped some news on Lucas' mom over dinner: that Baby P is getting her name as a middle name. It is our honor to do it.

So, that was the chronology of our busy little year as a couple.  In sum, I cannot imagine getting to "do life" with anyone more special. He has been my biggest fan, supporter, encourager, helper and pal. He makes me laugh every day, and that simple ability is a lost treasure. They don't make folks  like Lucas twice, so I feel very fortunate that I landed him as a husband. Baby P quickly will learn how lucky she is to have him as a dad. May she embody your creativity, thoughtfulness and kind heart. I'd be really pumped if she had your eyes, too :)

 Lucas, please don't kill me for this cheesy post.

XoXo & Cheers to our biggest adventure in 2016: Baby Eila Christine Peterson.

(P.S. That's Eye-Luh, same as Isla)

((But this way, her initials do not reference the Insane Clown Posse - a deal-breaker to my conscientious husband))

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  1. Your life is amazing and I wish it stays like this forever. Anyway, this year was also a great one for me as I got married to my childhood love in a lavish ceremony at venue NYC. It was the best day of my life.


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