Monday, December 7, 2015

All Moved In!

We're in! I wouldn't say we are settled per se, but at least we are IN! It is hard to believe that two human beings can fill so many boxes with things. Recently, I read a book on The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up that I had been hearing references to, and I've tried to incorporate some of those tips into our moving process. As a result, I have a giant box full of stuff to donate to the greater good. 'Tis the season, right? The book was a fun read, but I think the takeaways could have been reduced to a one-page word document of tips. In fact, here are a few of my favorite tips:

  • Only keep it if it brings you joy. This was easiest to incorporate with clothes and shoes. My understanding is that this is harder to do with books, photographs and memory items (which are supposed to be the last categories to tackle because most people fail when they start with those daunting categories).
  • Fold most things. Hang the rest. I haven't incorporated this yet because I haven't finished purging my drawers. The author recommended folding T-Shirts into rectangles and folding them vertically rather than on top of each other. I am pretty eager to try this.
  • Purchasing storage items is a trap. The author is convinced that most of the things you need to organize are already around your house (think: shoe boxes, etc.). 
  • Organize like things together and purge and organize by categories of items rather than tackling room by room. 
  • Clean well in one sitting rather than adopting a piecemeal approach and find joy in the process. It should feel therapeutic and cleansing. 
  • Everything should have a place or home. I have started cleaning out my purse at night. I put my wallet and medical supplies in their designated places. I return any make up to the bathroom. In the morning, I am forced to think of everything I need and put it in the bag I am using. The result has been pretty nice - cleaner bags and fewer items,  just the necessities

I dream of a day when I can find cleaning therapeutic. Most of my life, I have just viewed it is a pain in my ass and my shoddy habits are what followed. But guess what? I am almost 29-years-old with a daughter on the way. I am willing to bet that maintaining some level of order and routine will provide some level of sanity amidst the chaos. The book can get a bit campy when she discusses attitudes and philosophies on cleaning. For example, she walks in the door every day, takes off her shoes and thanks them for helping her that day. I do understand and appreciate that she teaches an attitude of taking pride in your things, but I am not going to talk to them as though they are alive. NOPE! Not gonna do it! 

Anyhow, if you like those type of books, it is worth a read. I think the larger value is if you are searching for reasons to do tidy up and need motivation. If you are already motivated and just want the practical tips and techniques, the book is light in those. 

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