Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Pregnancy Update Week 28

Sometimes I feel guilty giving pregnancy updates when I haven't had a doctor's appointment or ultrasound to show you, so this one will be abbreviated.

On Belly Growth: Overall, my growth has been extremely noticeable (to me...and probably everyone else). I told my mom I feel like the hugest pregnant person ever (admitted hyperbole). You know how they say in basketball "Ball don't lie"? Well, bellies shaped like a ball don't lie either. I legally changed my name yesterday to Ashley Jordan Peterson, and a lady in the DMV wanted to guess how many months along I was. I let her...cautiously...because it could have resulted in a flood of tears. She said "5 months?" To which I responded, "Bless you, ma'am." I am 7 months along. I used to make fun of those pregnant women who griped about being big during pregnancy because I just thought to myself, "you and everyone around you know you're big because you're growing a human being!" Well, let's just say I am fine admitting when I am wrong. Like the unpregnant world, you're inundated with "normal" ranges of weight gain. You might have friends who carry their pregnancies differently. So, it is quite easy to worry that your relative "bigness" is abnormal. Then comes the fear that your baby will also be big. I am 5'1" with a short torso. This baby has nowhere to go but out. Take heart, I have learned to embrace it and recognize that when people tell me, "you're getting so big," that they don't mean any harm by it. I haven't weighed this week, but I am due to the Monday after the holidays (perhaps a big mistake!)

Symptoms: I think I am going to start sounding like a broken record here, but acid reflux. My sweet, sweet NP called in a prescription for me. Sleep has gotten a little bit more difficult. I have no trouble falling asleep, and I am experiencing no discomfort. I just seem to pop awake randomly at night. Last night, I accidentally ripped my Dexcom off of my body, which resulted in World War III of itching sessions. No stretchmarks (yet). I can still see my feet, but I am worried about the logistics of shaving my legs. Oh, and I have established residency in the restroom. All I do is pee. Sorry to be vulgar, but it's the cold, hard truth.

Cravings/Aversions: I still love Honeycrisp apples and Grapefruit. I don't know that I am averse to anything except certain textures, and sometimes that texture is meat. I still eat plenty of it, but I often get grossed out mid-chew.

Diabetes: It's true. For a while I didn't believe them, but YES, insulin needs increase in the third trimester. They haven't "doubled or tripled" like I was told, but there has definitely been an increase necessary to keep the post-meal numbers in a reasonable range. Example: whereas, I used to not need insulin for a meal of eggs and half a grapefruit and coffee; now, I require 3 units to cover that. I think I am at a ratio of 1 unit per 10 carbs. Nurse P told me that some ladies level out by Week 30 (please be me!) and others continue to see an increase in their insulin needs. Doc told me that I will experience a sort of Diabetes-remission after the baby is born, especially if I breastfeed. Then, I will be able to reintroduce oral medication instead of shots. That will be great! I try to keep a good attitude about this whole rigamarole, but the truth is that I am tired of bruises from needles and rashes from adhesive.

Purchases: SuSu (my mom's preferred non-grandma name) bought Baby P's baby furniture! It is so pretty, and I cannot wait to add the little odds and ends that make it personal. Since I have decided that I think she is hilarious, I hope her room reflects her personality in some way. She kicks Lucas and the dog in their faces with impeccable timing.

Baby Shower: Is scheduled! YAY! My sweet friends are throwing me a shower on January 31st at mi casa! Although I don't pride myself a party planner, they have agreed to let me help, and I could not be more excited!

Other Milestones: This is the week I am supposed to start counting kicks. 10 in 2 hours? Is that the standard? I usually get 10 in 2 minutes, so this should be fun. Also, no one can argue that I am not the third trimester now, so I feel all official. It is very hard to believe that she could be here as early as ten weeks from now. Wowza!

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