Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Pregnancy Updates: Week 26, Why I Hate Math, and Maybe a Rant

Tomorrow is Week 26. That sounds like 13 Weeks + 13 Weeks, doesn't it?  It almost sounds like the third trimester. One of the Nurse Practitioners that I see told me that I could ask 5 different doctors and they would each tell me a different point at which the third trimester begins in pregnancy. You guys,  I knew I hated math for a reason. This seems like one of the few things that should have a concrete answer, but alas... either now, a week from now, or a week and some-change from now, I am/will be in my third trimester! So let's celebrate, perhaps prematurely, that milestone!

Not to get all cheesy, but I am a smitten kitten with this little girl already. I talk to her. She punches my belly. It's a mutual fondness, I am sure. After miscarriage, you can't help but be left wondering about your abilities successfully to carry a baby to the finish line. After two, you really think about it.  Pregnancy is this thing we are taught is part of our future as females, but that idea lacks nuance. Not everyone is able, and, honestly, not everyone wants to have kids. To me, the flaw is when we equate that to failure. Many women battle the strongest desire to be moms, and when it doesn't happen easily, it can be emotionally trying. Couple that with society telling you it's the most natural thing in the world, and you can feel like the biggest loser. Multiply that by the number of women on your newsfeed announcing pregnancies, and well, I think you get it.

Trust me, I have thought about whether I oversaturate  my social pages with pregnancy stuff. An old professor last week in my review course mentioned just how narcissistic our generation is. How was I to rebut that? I have an entire blog dedicated to my life, fashion, Memphis, pictures of me, stories about me, my struggles and what I am doing. The whole idea seems extremely self-serving, doesn't it? I try my best to keep it real. I know I am not a blog model like many of the fashionistas. I know I am not the queen of interiors like Aimee Song. I know I am not prolific like I Love Memphis. But like these women, I enjoy the creative expression, the therapy of writing and the value of good feedback. Maybe we are more self-centered generation, but it only seems that way because we are keeping pace with technology and social media. I am not sure any generation would behave differently given the same access.

Anyhow, I digress. My point is that I am so thankful to have made it to this point in pregnancy, but I will always pause and remember that my journey is uniquely mine. Everyone else is writing their own story, with their own struggles and triumphs. So, enough with the constant comparisons and let's start celebrating each other and supporting each other.

Symptoms: Reflux. Still. Remind me to ask the Doc about that today. I am sleeping just fine.

Weight Gain: Down a pound this week for a total of a 5 pound gain over pre-pregnancy weight and 9 pound gain over lowest first-trimester weight.  My belly sure seems bigger, but we had a pretty crazy week of moving last week. Maybe that accounts for it? I bet the 5 million chicken nuggets I ate yesterday will eventually catch up with me :) People are starting to make comments like "you look bigger than last week!" and "Whoa! Congratulations!"  I love people. I just smile and say thank you. I remember telling myself before I was pregnant that I would always remember that I am growing for a very a good reason and not be self conscious about it.

Purchases: The book Baby Wise. I am only one chapter in, but boy is that an intimidating book! So far, I am learning about the different schools of thought on how to feed your baby. Do you just demand-feed? Do you let the clock dictate when you feed regardless of a screaming baby? Is there something in the middle of those extremes? I do like that the book seems to discuss the flaws in each so as to acknowledge the pressures that new moms must feel in choosing the proper methods for them. I plan to try to breastfeed. If I am unable, I do not want to hear one word from anyone about the downsides of formula feeding. Not one. Regardless of whether women choose formula or are stuck with that as their only option, it is no one's business but their own.

Diabetes: Thankfully, I am still waiting to hit that wall of resistance. My doses have not changed in these later weeks, but I am still watching the numbers closely to make sure it doesn't creep up rather than shoot up. If my pregnancy were over tomorrow, I'd tell you that Diabetes had a minimal impact on my pregnancy physically and mentally. That being said, I know better than to state something like with 14 weeks remaining :)

Thank you all for your wonderful feedback and support throughout this journey so far. I really do thrive on your kind words and advice. My goal, aside from the tremendous value I derive in sharing my experiences, is to promote a culture of tolerance among women in a society that often pits us against each other. Every piece of advice I have received so far has been from such a kind place, and I could not be more heartened by the supportive attitudes of those around me.

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  1. I love love love what Baby Wise has to say.. With thay being said... If my baby has gone almost three hours without eating and he wakes up from his nap a little early- he's going to get to eat!
    However, we do follow the eat, play, sleep method. And while I try to follow a pretty good schedule during the day-- once I feed my son for the last time in the evening I let him sleep as long as he will before feeding him again. Sometimes it's 4-5 hrs... And sometimes it's 3. So we just roll with it and we are all still alive and happy! :)

    Also- breastfeeding. I was unable to breastfeed my daughter- so I was determined to breastfeed my son. I read everything I could on the Internet and made myself believe I would be successful and I have been! It is soooooooo hard to no give up the first week or so but if you can get past that and all the cluster feeding that goes on in the first month it will be smooth sailing! Just remember that there are LC's in the hospita to help you with your baby's latch and all of that! I am going to invite you to join a group on Facebook that I learned a lot of informative things about breastfeeding. I am not anti formula or anything since that's what my daughter drank I just think as long as baby and mommy are happy then you have to do what you have to do! :)


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