Wednesday, January 20, 2016

32 Week Update

My thought this morning as I round out the 32-Week mark is holy moly. I am baffled at how quickly this pregnancy has flown by so far, and I will admit that I am ready to tell you that it is "crawling" or exclaim "get this baby out of me already," but I am still kind of in awe of being pregnant and really think I am going to miss the excitement of feeling the baby move each day. So, even at 32-weeks, I refuse to rush it. Plus, there's still so much to do!

Symptoms. Finally, the itching. My bump is growing rapidly. It might even have its own zip code by now. The stretching skin combined with the dryness of Winter is finally causing some pretty annoying itching spells, so I keep Honest Belly Balm and Palmer's Cocoa Butter Oil on it at all times.  Certain fabrics make it worse. My hands have also taken on a dry spell, and I am in dire need of a manicure.

Cravings. I read about these Yasso Greek Yogurt Bars on PBFingers this week, and I sent Lucas to Kroger to find them. The only flavor they had was Mint Chocolate Chip, but YUM! I am dying to try the strawberry ones because that is what I have been craving. I have been doing the whole dip-strawberries-in-Cool-Whip thing. Fresh fruit might be the best thing ever. Also, starting to worry about low-iron only because of my relentless obsession with chewing ice. Is that a thing?

Aversions. Some meat. Sometimes I will throw a quick meal together such as a sweet potato and streamed veggies only to realize oh, I don't have any meat. Most of the time, it is not a texture that I want, but I probably need it.

Weight Gain. 12 lbs. You'd probably look at me and assume more because this belly has nowhere to go but out. But I stay steady at a lb. per week and {hope} to round out this pregnancy around an 18 lb. gain. I thought it would be a bigger battle with the introduction of insulin back in my life, but thankfully, my body did not want to hoard the weight this time.

Nursery.  Her room is done with a few minor exceptions. We still need to hang a picture on the wall, and I am looking for a cute pouf to go with the rocker as well as a side table beside the rocker. Other than that, her room is complete and her laundry is done and organized! The nursery post will be up soon!

Baby Eila. We had an appointment on Monday with my regular OB and Doc had to chase Eila around my belly to get a good reading on her heartbeat. Every time she'd find her, Eila would move. Baby Girl definitely already has a mind of her own. As of Monday, she was still in a breech position {a word I have been misspelling all week}. I have done some light research on when and whether she might flip. There are some techniques and moves that I could be trying, so I might attempt the easier ones to see if I can get her to go cephalic. Otherwise, if she is still breech a month from now, we are getting on the books for a C-Section.

A C-Section?! Yeah, I am cool with whatever. I have had some awesome friends reach out and be like "if you have to have a C-Section, talk to me. I can tell you why they're not so bad after all..." So, those people are on my speed-dial in case that's the route. I've said it a million times like a broken record, if you put a healthy baby in my arms, I am going to be happy. Sore, maybe. Doped up, maybe.  But I promise, somewhere in there, I will be happy.

To-Do List. Get my car detailed. Call a cleaning lady for a nice home deep-clean. Pack my hospital bag (my doctor had two of her first-time-moms deliver at 32 and 34 weeks respectively, so I am not ashamed to be thinking about packing). Get a manicure/pedicure. You know, the hard stuff.

I will be going to the doctor twice per week starting next week. That's every Tuesday and Thursday. I think I will learn a lot about this process and reality will set in that we will get to meet her soon. I am so excited to see her face and introduce her to the world, but for right now, I want to soak up pregnancy some more. It has been such a joy :)

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