Monday, January 4, 2016

Beauty Wrap-Up: 2015 Finds!

Hello All! I hope everyone had an awesome NYE! Are we excited about 2016??! I know the Peterson household is pumped. We all know I am a sucker for the symbolism of newness and rejuvenation. Even though I think the timing is truly arbitrary, at least it creates some sense of urgency to better our habits.

Here are some of my favorite lessons and discoveries of 2015:

Beauty Routine Revamp: Here's the thing...I am going to do a humble-brag on my skin this year. I am not even sure if I get to take any credit because there is an excellent chance that pregnancy hormones have given me a much-needed boost in the second half of the year. There are also some awesome products I have stumbled upon that I would recommend. 
  • Clinique Acne Solutions (the blue line). Yes, because my skin can from zero-to-teenager in a day.  I started the year using this system and all three of its parts - the cleansing foam, toner and moisturizer. It has been wonderful! Later in the year, I bought
  • SKII Clear Lotion. I replaced my Clinique toner with this product, and I have absolutely loved it! This is probably one of the cheapest items in an expensive brand. 
  • Clarisonic Mia. I used to have one of these bad boys, but somewhere in one of my many moves, I left it behind. I bought one of the more compact travel ones right before Christmas, and now my skin feels like baby skin. I used to ignore all of the annoying tips about exfoliating, but it must be harped on for a reason! 
  • Clarins Radiance Plus Golden Glow Booster. Shoutout to Deshawna for introducing me to this one! All you do is add one or two drops to your moisturizer each morning for a gradual tan. Yes, it has the slight smell of self-tanner. If you ever stumble upon a self-tanning product that works and does NOT smell, please please please send me the name of it. 
  • Palmer's Cocoa Butter Oil.  Shoutout to my mother for introducing me this one. I stayed with her for a couple of nights before we moved into our new house, and I have always loved using her shower because I get to experiment with all of her products. This product is great for you if you're like me and have a terrible habit of skipping body lotion after you shower. My last step in the shower each day is to apply this oil, do a quick rinse and let the residual layer keep me moisturized all day. To date, I have spotted no stretch marks nor have I experienced itching due to dry skin. This is a great and inexpensive purchase! I LOVE LOVE the smell. 
  • Harry's Razors. I know what you're thinking - they market to men. And you're right. I was also skeptical because I have the world's most sensitive skin, so I cannot just use any razor. These have actually worked well. I like how the razor looks, but my favorite part is the price. I cannot stand going to Walgreens and spending $20 on 3 blades. Harry's will ship you 8 blades for about $15. If you're looking for convenience (shipping) and cost-savings (price per blade) as well as a trendy look and brand, then I would encourage you to check them out! 
  • Honest Tinted Moisturizer. No one was more excited than I was when Jessica Alba's Honest Company revealed its beauty line. I bought a couple of things to try them out, and my far-and-away favorite is the tinted moisturizer. I use it daily.
Also, just as a good habit, I have a phobia of sleeping in makeup. It is non-negotiable. Whether it is a full-on wash or a makeup removing wipe, my makeup is coming off. 

What are your skin routine habits? What products do you love and recommend to others? I am always open to try new things!! 

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