Monday, January 25, 2016

March Babies

Good Morning!

March babies are awesome. I have my reasons, and most of them are just reasons why the month of March is awesome in general. I know things could go wonky and Eila could show up in February
with plans of her own, but the plan is March. Here's why I am pumped to be having a March Babe:

1. My Birthday. I've been looking forward to March my whole life because it is my very own birth month (March 5th to be precise). So, yes, I am definitely bias. It is the perfect time gap after Christmas. At Christmas, I tend to receive Winter-type clothes. By my birthday, the stores have already stocked up with Spring threads.

2. Daylight Savings Time. Let's be honest, after the mostly gray and chilly days of Winter, there is nothing better than the promise of longer days and warmer days ahead. Most people make their fitness resolutions at the new year, but I am no good until daylight savings time because I can actually use the time after work to walk or run outside. I have vowed to take Eila on walks, and I am excited for the longer days!

3. House of Cards. Okay, that's not an every March thing, but this year it is. March 4th is when HoC comes out, and if my maternity leave ends up being one with a lot of couch-time, this will be perfect timing.

4. Basketball. By March, football and baseball are done and my favorite sport takes center stage. March Madness brackets abound and NBA basketball starts to get intense as playoffs loom in the near future.

5. Pisces. No, I don't actually place any credence in the Zodiac. I did grow up reading Teen magazines that always had a horoscope section in the back, and I *always* read them to figure out what was going  to happen with my crush that month. They're silly and fun entertainment for this "imaginative Pisces."

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