Monday, January 11, 2016

Monday Survival in 2016: Tips and Tricks

As I was perusing the World Wide Web yesterday, I came across a solid piece of life advice / career advice. Staring back at me were the words "Stop dreading Mondays." I'll admit it, I am guilty of this. It is not usually because anything at work is causing dread. In fact, I like work. I like the people. I like what I do. It's usually more a negativity toward my alarm clock, especially if I didn't feel like I caught up on rest over the weekend. So, I've been trying to think of ways to think positively about Mondays...

Thanks to a lovely Forbes article mixed with my own take, here are some tips!

1. Think Positively. Well, duh. Isn't that the point of this discussion? If it were as simple as pushing a button, we wouldn't need these articles! Thinking positively requires some training, and the Forbes article recommends taking inventory of all that you appreciate about work. That is going to be the first list I make when I walk into the office today, and I will make sure to share that with you guys!

2. Have a post-work plan. I don't think it has to be a concrete plan or reservation at a restaurant, but maybe you're excited about the new Barre class you're trying. Maybe tonight's National Championship Game gives you an excuse to get out. Whatever the case may be, schedule things on Mondays that bring you joy or confidence.

3. Plan for Monday on Friday. I am a big proponent of this one. I think of my workweek in two units: the whole week itself and each day individually. My planner already has any appointment or meeting in it, as does my Outlook calendar, so I have no reason to worry about scheduling meetings or missing them. I also think about what I accomplished the previous week and what needs to get done in the next. Believe it or not, that practice relieves stress rather than creates it.  Get a cool notebook or planner you like, and take advantage of Friday to amp up for Monday.

4. Inspirational Media. This is one I added to the Forbes article (in my head). If you're like I am, a quote, article, song or image can be just enough to set me out on the right foot. It's important to discover what works for you. I seek out motivational articles in the workday on Levo and MyDomaine. I write down any nuggets of wisdom in my notebook and revisit said notebook often. I may also put on a Pearl Jam playlist, which always makes me happy. What I choose to listen to on my commute to work even has an influence on my day, but mostly that is sports talk radio. Follow an Instagram account with motivational images and quotes. Listen to a good Ted Talk. Have lunch with your most positive friend in your favorite environment. Brew your favorite coffee in your favorite mug. The point is...the little things can make a big difference.

If we start thinking about Mondays as an opportunity rather than a hurdle, it may change the whole dynamic of the week. We are still early in 2016, so let's try it out for a few weeks and see what happens!

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