Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Pregnancy Rules I Broke

Yep. Rules. Studies and even counter-studies exist on almost every facet of pregnancy. I broke some of them - some on purpose and others I had no idea I was breaking.

No caffeine. This may be the rule I broke with the greatest vengeance. Early on in my pregnancy I said, "Doc, level with me on caffeine. Really none?" Okay, I probably didn't say it like that, but you get the idea. She said that a cup per day was fine. Granted, in the first trimester, I didn't want any part of coffee. Or most food for that matter. I wanted to just chew on my anti-nausea lozenges and call it a day. Once the second trimester hit, I started with decaf. Then I went half-caff. Now, I am back on the fully-loaded caffeine, but I still only have one cup of coffee [espresso] per day. Then there's the part where I still have a healthy consumption of unsweetened tea...and the occasional Diet Dr. Pepper.

No Deli Meet (unless warmed). Ugh. I tried for a while with this one. First, I just avoided it. Then, I started asking for my deli meat heated. Then, much like the coffee battle, I just gave into it. Having lunch just became too much of an annoyance when I was dodging turkey and ham. I will say, a lot of the sandwiches I get are warm anyway, so maybe that's okay.

No Salicylic Acid. Here's one I didn't know about. My Clinique Acne regimen contains Salicylic Acid. Apparently Benzoyl Peroxide is fine, but that didn't help me out considering my favorite cleanser had the dreaded other thing that I am tired of typing out. So, shhhh...but I still use it. And my  skin has been great.

No Hair Coloring. Bahahahaha. Good one. I would be 50% gray if I followed this rule. I asked for the organic formula in my first trimester, then I proceeded into my usual regimen.

Don't Let Pregnancy Be All You Talk About. Well, crap. After about 500 selfie bump pics, 50 blog posts, 45 million ultrasounds, and 6,000 conversations, I can safely say that I slaughtered this rule. And I really am sorry that I probably reached the saturation point a long time ago, but this has been such a fun and joyful experience for me. I could not imagine keeping it so private, but that's just my personality. I love to share, especially topics about which I am passionate or excited! I've also learned a ton from all of you, so it has been extremely beneficial.

What I kept discovering was that even what I had assumed were always facts were still disputed even among professionals. Sure, I am sure all agree that too much caffeine is bad, but isn't that true for life as well? I kept noticing that there were strict views recommending no leniency whatsoever and more moderate views that advocate being reasonable. Taking this approach into pregnancy (and hopefully into raising Eila) has contributed in large part to my sanity.

What rules did you guys break? C'mon...I can't be the only one???

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