Wednesday, February 10, 2016

35 Week Update: Progressing

I'm not sure how I thought I'd feel at 35 weeks, but I have a surprising amount of energy. As you know, I go to the doctor twice per week. Last week, I was warned that my 35-week appointment would include a pelvic exam. Let me tell you a little story about my appointment yesterday. Lucas and I show up at 8:00A because I am convinced that all my February appointments were scheduled at 8:00. That's what I wrote in every calendar I own. I check in, get my vitals taken and the nurse says, "you're here awfully early. Your appointment is at 9:30A." I think my face probably just said for real?  So, I walk out to the waiting room, tell Lucas and confirm with the front desk that I am, in fact, an idiot. So we get an hour or so in the waiting room with lots of parents and 3 small children running around. Finally, she calls me back for an ultrasound to get our BPP. Ultrasound confirms that Eila is still breech, practices her breathing immediately, heart rate was good, my fluid amount looked good as did her tone. So, in five minutes she had all of her points. She hasn't missed a point yet, so I think she's somewhere around 48/48 points, but who's counting? We get sent back out into the waiting room to wait some more. A dad proceeds to tell us to purchase Gripe Water because his wife wouldn't let him feed the baby NyQuil. Nice... So, we get called back to a room and I am instructed to do the undressing drill. Joy. I won't go into the details because I imagine a cervical exam is pretty self-explanatory. They are checking to see if you are dilated and/or effaced. I had just explained to Dr. Malone that I had been experiencing some aches and pains the past few days, but nothing steady. The exam revealed that am 2 cm dilated and experiencing effacement (she felt my baby's bottom!), though she did not give me a percentage to obsess over haha. My thought was PSSHHH...I've done enough reading about people who hover at 2 cm for weeks. This is not anything to get excited over. So, naturally, I ask, "I mean, this isn't something I should really read into is it?" To which she responds, "For you to be 2 cm this early combined with the menstrual pains you described makes me think you've been doing some laboring. If it progresses, I want you to come in." So, she leaves me with a note to give the hospital in event that I am admitted to call her no matter what. And, yes, at this point, we are looking at a C-Section, even if this little girl decides she wants to be a February Baby and make an attempt at coming on her own.

That was a long overview. Whew.

Symptoms: Gosh. I don't want this to be gross, but we are all adults {I guess}. Since Sunday, I have had cramping off and on. I wouldn't call it painful, just very reminiscent of middle school menstrual cramps. I'm aware of them and kind of just want to curl into a ball. But, they are happening with zero frequency or regularity. The other one is the weird one. I'll get the urge to go to the restroom (not pee, but _____ I can't say it) and nothing happens. In fact, what does happen is that I feel such a pressure in my bottom that I start shifting around a lot. I started to realize hey, you don't actually have to go the bathroom, but someone *we won't name names* is putting pressure on your hind regions and tricking you into thinking you have to go potty. No wonder people labor on the toilet sometimes. Sorry of that was all TMI, but I felt it was part of the process. Also, I know that no two people probably experience the same symptoms, but I would never have called this labor. I would never have expected that I had dilated. My doctor's word was "labor," but I am aware that it isn't the type of labor in which the baby is coming now and I need to run around like a chicken with my head cut off. Instead, I am just hyper-aware of everything going on right now.

Weight: Dropped a pound this week for a total of 14 lbs. gained. We didn't do a growth scan for Eila this week, so I am not sure how she is weighing in right now.

Cravings: Less and less hungry. I want things like smoothies and grapefruit. And ice. Oh, the ice.

Purchases: Bahahaha. I'm crazy. I've bought a Medela Pump (don't worry, insurance is reimbursing for a portion), extra bottles, a wrap, more nursing bras, a Keekaroo diaper changer, a nursing bustier, a couple of types of nursing pillows, a nap pillow shaped like a bunny, a Belly Band It for me post-op, and a few other odds and ends. Don't get me wrong, we got most of the bigger things we needed at the shower. It's those pesky little things that I forget about. I keep trying to remind myself that Target is never too far away.

Prep: Bassinet is ready. Sheet laundered. Diaper bag is ready. My bag is ready. An emergency diaper-changing kit of the car is ready. The car seat is in the car. All gadgets are assembled and/or charged.

My attitude is not let's get this baby out of here. Quite the contrary. I know it is best for babies to stay in longer than 35 stinkin' weeks, but I am learning that my timetable matters very little to my body and my baby. As the saying goes, "she will come when she's ready." Or she'll try. Then they'll just snatch her from my lower abdomen. Doc made me feel okay about a C-Section. She kept saying, "what's wrong with that? Definitely not the end of the world. Your baby is breech, you're a Class-C Diabetic and you're a petite woman." I have no idea what the last part means because gals much smaller than I have delivered vaginally, but I just nodded along. I didn't really need the reassurance. You guys have made me feel pretty good about the surgery and recovery.

Anyway, onward we go.

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