Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Weekly Update: 34 Weeks

Someone pinch me, please. How did I get to 34 weeks? I was always told that the last few weeks drag but I cannot believe how they are flying by! It could be that I know I am not going a full 40 weeks, so I am at the point of knowing I have about one month left.

Cravings: Nothing new, really. There have been more treats around because we have hosted people at the house a couple of weekends in a row, so it has been difficult not to make meals out of Hershey Kisses and Petit Fours. My breakfasts have been pretty standard - OatFit oatmeal. Eating it as we speak!

Weight Gain: 15 lbs. A little birdie (or a lot of people) told me that some women pack on the weight
at the end of pregnancy. I think I am "some women" in this situation. People, meaning no harm, have been like "you've really popped since the last time I saw you!" I know my baby is growing, and so I expected my belly was going to do some serious growing too. And it has! I don't know if it is because she is still breech or because "girls sit higher" but the bump is definitely up and out. Belly button is still an innie though despite its best efforts.

Ice chewing. It's all I do. I know, dentists. This is not good for my teeth. But it is great for my soul.

Doctor's Appointments: I've had three appointments that consist of ultrasound BPP (Biophysical Profile) tests. I forget all of the criteria, but basically they are looking for Eila to practice her breathing, check her heart rate, tone and my amniotic fluid. We get scored out of 2 for each category for a total of 8 possible points. She has gotten 8/8 within 10 minutes of each appointment, so I have been very thankful for quick, uneventful visits where I get to lay eyes on my daughter. We've been able to see hair and eye lashes. Her bottom is sitting on my cervix instead of her head. Also, she moves constantly during the ultrasounds. She doesn't like to show her face, so she covers it with her hands.

Pregnancy Dreams. Are more frequent these days. I had one this week that was very similar to one I had last month where I have Eila at home as a newborn, but I just keep walking out of rooms, leaving her there for hours and forgetting that I did. Is this the mom-version of the "late for class" stress dream?!

Sleep: Which brings me to sleep. I can't really complain about sleep quality because, overall, it has been a breeze. I passed out on the couch last night for three hours before falling into bed for an eight-hour night. Some nights, however, I feel like Eila is on my lungs. In certain positions, you just don't feel like you can breathe and that can make falling asleep difficult. Once asleep, I am usually good to go. I don't often wake up to pee. Last night, I woke up a few times because the reflux was fierce. I am really trying to cherish my sleep right now. When my alarm goes off at 6:00A, I sit in bed for at least 15 minutes just basking in rest. I have enough new moms around me to know that it's all about to change.

Baby Shower: Personally, I think this deserves a post of its own, but I couldn't go without
mentioning that we had Eila's baby shower on Sunday! Although it was held at my house, my wonderful friends did all the hosting. They do such a wonderful job!!! It was so nice having everyone over to see the house and we got a lot of stuff I think we needed. And the other stuff, like outfits, have made my smile from ear-to-ear. Little girls clothes ARE SO CUTE! She has so many outfits that I have no idea if she will get to wear them all, but I think I can make it work. I took advantage of my Amazon 15% completion discount to get some of the remaining items. Thankfully, all that is left are little things like thermometers, diaper wipes and nail clippers. We have been very blessed to get what we think we need. I say "we think." I know some moms discover what does and does not get used!

Diabetes/Exercise: I use the word "exercise" loosely. I just do a few things before I hop into bed like planks, tricep dips, squats and wall-sits. I have no idea if I am deriving any physical benefits from these, but it makes me feel like I can still function in normal human capacities. Diabetes has been a bit more challenging this week. The highs are a bit higher and the lows a bit lower, but nothing crazy.

Attitude: Oh, nervous/excited. Last week, I asked people who had undergone C-Sections to share positive stories with me because I know there is a great chance that Eila is settled in her breech position with no intention of moving. As such, I have had to make peace with a likely C-Section. I'm not one of those people who so highly reveres and anticipates vaginal birth that I will feel robbed of some experience, but part of me is just curious about the process. At the end of the day, I will be great with whatever method results in a healthy mom and baby.

Other: I followed the tip of packing the hospital bag around 34 weeks. There are a few things I need to add in, but I am comfortable that if she were to come tomorrow, I have a lot of what we need in a place to grab & go. Plus, I live 8 minutes from the hospital, so I am not too worried that whatever is left behind can't be grabbed later.

{{{{HOW DID WE GET HERE?!?!?}}}}

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