Thursday, March 31, 2016

Coffee & Conversation Vol 1. | Political Landscaping

Coffee and Conversation is a new series dedicated to writing about what's on my mind. As tempted as I have been many times to tackle journalism school, I never did it. Nevertheless, there is still that part of me that knows writing is my first love. So, here is my outlet. My opinions. Food for thought. 
Grab your coffee and feel more than free to agree, disagree or add to the conversation. 
It's our virtual coffee chat. Pull up a chair, won't you?

Coffee & Conversation Vol. 1 |  Political Landscaping

As I do a digital thumb-through of the Donald Trump quotes involving women, I cannot help but laugh. "Surely he didn't..." I say to myself as I read that Trump thinks you just "need to treat women like shit." Then I stumble upon another article wherein Trump has stated that pumping breast milk is disgusting. Recently, he has retweeted a nasty meme of Ted Cruz' wife. I could write you a list a mile long of all the reasons why there should be many moons between Trump and the presidency, but why can't this reason alone be enough? Do we really have an electorate who is willing to dismiss Trump's heinous words and behavior about women in favor of some other empty policies he is espousing? It is quite clear that Trump thinks women are either trophy wives or disgusting. When a woman backs him into a corner, he attacks her appearance. As I sit here typing, my daughter is asleep next to me. She's only six weeks-old, and as such, she depends on her dad and me to be her voice. She is relying on us to look to the future with her interests in mind. We want her to have opportunities. We want her to feel empowered. We don't want to her to live in fear of terrorism or the threat of war. We want her economy stable. Most of all, we want her to live in a nation in which we appoint leaders she can admire. She doesn't have to agree with them, but she can respect their leadership. She doesn't get that opportunity with Donald Trump in the White House. She will continue to hear sexist comments about any woman who dares to disagree with him. Let's make America great again and end this charade that is the Trump candidacy. Frankly, I am embarrassed it has gotten this far at all. I keep waiting for the giant American alarm clock to go off so that folks will finally quit hitting snooze and wake up. It's time we do some political landscaping because the garden is overgrown with pettiness. The substance has gotten lost among the weeds. 

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