Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Post-Baby Bod

It's time! Six weeks will be here tomorrow, and I have given myself permission to shift some focus to the post-baby bod. I haven't completely ignored it the past six weeks because I have gone on plenty of long walks to get myself back in the swing of activity. The last thing I want to do is hit the workout scene too hard. Here's the plan:
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Not Weight-Centered. As I mentioned previously, my pregnancy weight came off in two weeks, so my goal is not to lose weight. The goal is to tighten the softness. It is funny how quickly you can lose muscle tone in your belly, arms and legs! It's one thing to fit in my regular jeans (yay!), but it is quite another to fit into them without my belly spilling over. Therein lies the focus. I fully expect that when I get back into the swing of things that my weight might actually go up a few pounds. My body tends to gravitate toward a tight weight range and has for years.

Mixing it Up. I'm usually guilty of focusing on one thing when I get into work-out mode. Either I am running only or doing Pure Barre only. I'd like to do a few different things and try new things! This week, my goal is to run half a mile without walking. That MAY sound silly to you, but I am forcing myself to start out modestly since I have done no running in the past 10 months. Additionally, I want to let my body tell me what is too much. The last thing I want to is to cause any medical setbacks.

Fitness Inspiration. I love finding awesome fitness pics and reading fitness blogs to get myself motivated to get out the door. Pinterest is great for this. Also, I might just watch Jenna Dewan Tatum dance to "Pony" over and over again. Maybe I will just spray on some abs like that! It helps me to have milestones and timelines. We go to the beach in the middle of June, and that will be my target for tummy tightness as well as getting back to 5K endurance.

Mindfulness. Trust me, I used to be that girl that laughed at the idea of doing a guided meditation. Sometimes I am just not mature enough for those things. I'd picture myself doing it and just laugh. I can only hum "OMMMMM" for so long until I feel like an idiot. BUT, I think there's something to it. Now that the mommy grind is a huge part of my day,  I could use some centering before entering the chaos. Maybe this will be yoga. Maybe this will be a meditation app. I need to do some more homework.

Cool, but when? I have to be a bit strategic here. From now until May, I am on maternity leave. That means that my numero uno responsibility is to my daughter. I could do very early morning (while Lucas is still home) Pure Barre classes or runs. I could wait until Lucas comes home to do those as well; however, I strongly prefer to keep that evening time as family time. Once maternity leave is over, I will want that time for family as well. Morning workout potential can only be sabotaged by how we end up on the sleep front. So, the when question will remain flexible.

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  1. What an amazing fortnight! Two weeks of being a dad. A very proud dad! Our son, William Isaac Kee, was born on Tuesday 16th April at Port Macquarie Base Hospital.
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