Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Six Week Milestone is Here!

Who would have thought the "six week" unit of time would hold such significance? The last time I cared about six weeks was when my report card came at that frequency. For a C-Section surgery, six weeks is when the patient is presumably healed (obviously, that can differ from person to person). Here's why six weeks matters:

Whereas before, I was only supposed to lift no more than the weight of my own baby, now I can start to lift more.
  • Car seat + Baby = I can leave the house without another human doing the lifting for me! On Monday, Lucas asked if Eila and I wanted to come downtown and meet him for lunch. Without hesitation, I accepted the invitation. I've made it no secret that I cannot stand being stuck in the house, so I knew we were ready to take this step. He walked me through the car seat installation (because he had been doing all of that) and we headed downtown. I wasn't a nervous driver. She slept the whole time, and I listened to sports talk radio just like old times. Don't underestimate how much this small endeavor can restore confidence. I felt liberated and excited about this new phase of maternity leave! As Dr. Seuss says, "Oh, the Places You'll Go!"
Whereas before, I was not allowed to take a bath to prevent infection, now I can soak in the bath tub.
  • Our bath in the new house is way better than any bath I have ever had. I really enjoyed it in the third trimester, but I had to be very mindful of the temperature. I am ready to take a hot bath again and relax with a magazine and glass of water (wine in hot baths makes me feel dehydrated more quickly). 
Whereas before, it was not recommended that I exercise, now I can start to ease into physical activity.
  • See yesterday's post on Post Baby Bod! Bikes and Running and Pure Barre, Oh My! 
Whereas before, I did not need to be concerned with contraception, now I must choose a contraception strategy.
  • TMI, sorry! Here's the thing, my doctor says that exclusively breastfeeding moms are 85% covered as far as avoiding ovulation. First, I am not exclusively breastfeeding so that's no strategy. Second, even if I were exclusively breastfeeding, 85% is not high enough coverage in my humblest of opinions. One day, it would be cool to do this whole pregnancy thing again (Diabetes-permitting), but I COULD NOT imagine how stressed out our family would be if I got pregnant again too soon. So, I will get to have a check up with my doctor on April 4th and discuss the best options. 
Whereas before, my body and mood were adjusting from postpartum hormones, now is when I am "supposed" to feel like myself again.
  • Everyone said I'd start to feel normal again after six weeks. While it certainly hasn't been as sudden as flipping on a light switch, I have gradually landed on normalcy. I am not sure I would say "my old self" because, as most moms will attest, you're never really the same. There are new concerns, priorities and sensibilities that replace some of the old ones. BUT, I no longer feel like I could be on the brink of an emotional mess. I no longer feel like I might accidentally do something stupid with my baby. I no longer feel like I need people around constantly to help me. My body looks and feels (almost) back to normal. 
In my mind, folks, this is Chapter 2 of Postpartum Life that I will entitle "Mobility." This small concept makes a huge difference. I am excited about this last month of maternity leave because now I can introduce new adventures to Eila. Chapter 3 will be "Back to Work" and I will be posting my feelings on that transition shortly (teaser: I am more ready than you might think!)

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