Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Back to Work: Motivation

After spending ten weeks with my daughter, I am afraid the transition back to work could be rusty as we are forced to establish a bit of a new routine. This routine inevitably means we spend less time together, and that makes me sad. These days I've found so much enjoyment in having the pets crowd around us on the bed while this happy morning baby smiles and wiggles. I've watched her transform from a pretty static newborn to a dynamic little baby, and you get an idea of what people mean when they say it all happens so fast. I found myself getting misty-eyed just folding her laundry yesterday. She still wears the tiny newborn sizes, but I can tell she is going to outgrow them shortly and they will go into a pile of clothes no longer wearable symbolizing to me that she is a growing girl. She won't always be solely communicating with me in noises, looks and faces - a stage of which I have grown most fond. But life is about transitions, and more importantly, handling transitions.

Because I am human, I can simultaneously be excited to head back to the office and extremely sad to end this sweet bonding time with Eila. But let's face it, folks, she's my daughter! The bonding never really ends, does it? Gosh, I hope not.

All this to say, shifting back into a corporate mindset means motivation is key. I remember between semesters in school, I'd use that time to recharge and pump myself up for the new classes (okay, that meant new school supplies...) So, here is what I have done and plan to do to prepare for Monday.

| 1 | Watched The September Issue. Have you seen it? It is a 2009 documentary about Anna Wintour, Chief Editor of Vogue. It shows you the inside track of what it takes to get the magazine's largest issue (September) published. You witness the decisions and the personality dynamics, which I love to see. I love anything having to do with insight into a corporate culture and leadership style. Wintour, reputed mostly for being cold and difficult, is a bit humanized in this documentary. I like watching powerful women do what they do best, so this was a fun way to start the week!

| 2 | Picture frames for the office. It's not as though I've been on vacation these past ten weeks. I've had a baby!! That means, as you know, I have taken hundreds of pictures. What better excuse to get a few of my favorites framed than the transition back to the office when I'll be missing that sweet face all day.

| 3 | My favorite sites. How about 8 Things That Will Help You Get Through Monday ? OR 3 Ultra-Successful Momprenuers Share Their Parenting Advice ?

| 4 | Desk Accessories + Office Supplies. It needs no explanation. See below:

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