Monday, April 11, 2016

Eila's Visit to Illinois

We made it back from Illinois yesterday around 6:00PM. We had such a wonderful trip because Eila was able to meet so many wonderful people. This post focuses on our Saturday adventures and the main reason we wanted to take the trip to Illinois. We wanted Anna Mae (Lucas' grandmother), who is in her mid-nineties, to meet Eila! She has lived in the same home for over 70 years. That is almost impossible for me to fathom. The land and home itself had been in her family for even longer than that. Needless to say, it was a special experience that I wanted to document. I would also like to add that Anna Mae is a really awesome lady. She lives by herself and does extremely well. Her communication skills and recollection impress me the most. Also, I can tell she loves her family deeply. I am so glad she and Eila were able to hang out on Saturday. Here are a few pics from our experience!

As an aside, Eila was an excellent traveler. Besides being a bit fussier at night, she was excellent in the car. If both ways totaled 14 hours in the car, she may have cried for 20 minutes total. I am feeling pretty darn lucky right now, and I hope she keeps up her trooper-status! 

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