Saturday, April 16, 2016

My Obsession with Coffee is Real

The only things I like more than my morning cup of coffee/espresso are coffee images. In fact, I celebrate coffee images on a Pinterest Board dedicated entirely to coffee images. I have NO idea why. That's a lie. I have some ideas how I got to this place in my life. I love coffee with all five of my senses and a few other senses we didn't learn in Kindergarten.
  • TASTE. Perhaps this is the most obvious. How does one have an obsession with coffee if she does not indulge in it? Not an issue for me. I indulge in it in moderation. Because I do feel the effects of caffeine in the form of anxiety, I tend to only have 1-2 cups in any given day.
    • Favorite K-Cup: Donut Shop Original
    • Favorite Ground Coffee: Cafe Du Monde Coffee + Chicory 
    • Favorite Nespresso Pod: Capriccio + Steamed Whole Milk
    • Favorite Creamer: Natural Bliss Sweet Cream
    • Favorite Starbucks Order: Tall Skinny Peppermint Mocha or Tall Skinny Iced Vanilla Latte (depending on the season). 
    • Favorite Non-Starbucks Order: Cafe Eclectic's Small Sugar-Free Caramel Latte with Almond Milk (LOW CARB!)

  • SIGHT. . Enter the whole coffee images thing. Sometimes I take my own. Sometimes I just stare at other people's. Here are a few of my favorites:
Because I Want to Be There.  
image source

Because it looks homey. 

image source

Because coffee can be art.  

image source

Because even its junk looks chic.  

Because I love Starbucks. Its History. Its Culture. Its CEO.  

image source
Because it goes where you go.  

image source

Because Coffee Shops.  
image source

Because it encourage productivity and inspires intellectual thought. 

image source

  • SOUND.  I have an app on my phone called Coffitivity. It simulates the sounds of different coffee shops. That is my preferred white noise. I like the sounds of people hustling through their day. Not to be too cheesy, but it's no wonder famous writers holed up in coffee shops to drink coffee and get inspired. It gives me the vibe that I am plugged in, and I like that most days. And when I want to unplug, coffee is still involved. 
  • SMELL.  If you find the perfect coffee-scented candle, please share it with me. Otherwise, I'll stick to poking my nose around office break rooms and coffee shops. Maybe I will just fill a pool with coffee beans and swim in it. No I won't. Scratch that.
  • TOUCH.  I don't often touch coffee liquid because it's hot and that would hurt. People have sued over it. I do like the way it feels on a cold day and it is warm. Also, I touch coffee mugs wherever I go. I love them, and oftentimes I buy them. I have fun ones. I have fancy ones. I have glass ones. I have ceramic ones. I think they are a gateway into your mood and personality. Marketing people love me don't they?  I am such a sap.
  • MISC.  Research shows that certain quantities of coffee per day has great health benefits. Coffee helps people study. It draws people to its shops to intellectualize. Big decisions get made in boardrooms alongside it. It accessorizes the coffee table. People draw pictures in the foam. 
Okay, that's probably enough. I should be getting back to my day.
But first, coffee.  

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