Sunday, April 10, 2016

Packing for an Infant

[Written Thursday Night, Pre-Trip]

I'll admit that the one thing I underestimated about having a baby is the amount of time it now takes to get out the door. Even for a small errand, I have to make sure there are enough diapers. Did I take the wipes out? If so, I need to put those back. Inevitably, I have taken out all of the burp cloths and used them because they were closer than grabbing one out of her room. I need to replace those. Oh, and how long will I be gone? Do I need to pack a bottle and formula? What time is it? Does she need to eat before we go? I'll do that, but I think I should change her diaper first. Or should I? She usually pees when she is eating. Okay, so I'll change her afterward. Oh, geez. She is upset. She does not like having her diaper changed or changing clothes and both of those things are happening. Okay, good, she's over it already. I need to put her in her car seat. WAIT. I haven't put the dog up yet. Oh, and did I grab my wallet, keys and phone?

You get the idea. Now multiply that by some factor of ten and you get the thoughts swirling in my head about taking Eila on a 7-hour road trip for the weekend. The calming factor is that there are very few things that cannot be purchased along the way should we forget something. Typically I do not advocate over packing, but I'm bending that rule with a baby. There is no telling if she will have a blowout or throw up all over herself. We also plotted out our stops strategically for her eating schedule. She tends to sleep in her car seat, but that may be a lot to ask on a 7-hour trip. All that aside, we are excited to visit with the Peterson family and introduce Eila to some more of her awesome relatives!

Let's hope this list carries us through (thanks Erin Condren), and I will update Monday with our successes, failures and fun times.

Traveling Newbie Mom

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